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BREAKING: Georgia picks up massive mauler Jared Wilson for 2021 class

Jared Wilson, a class of 2021 offensive line prospect from North Carolina, committed to Georgia with a simple decision tweet bright and early on Thursday morning.

He’s about 6 feet, 3.5 inches and 325 pounds. He plays tackle for his West Forsyth High School football team but will be either a guard or a center in Athens.

Wilson camped at Georgia on June 9. His offer from Pittman and the Bulldogs came on June 11. He’s thoroughly checked out the program since then. The 3-star OL was in Athens for the Notre Dame and the Kentucky games.

The North Carolina junior is already on track to be an early enrollee in the class of 2021. Want some more long-reaching potential good news for the program?

Wilson has two younger brothers, too. They are also pretty talented in their own right, but they might wind up as skill guys on the field.

Wilson becomes the third member of the Georgia class for the 2021 cycle. His decision moves the Bulldogs to No. 12 nationally on the 247Sports Team Composite recruiting rankings.

The West Forsyth Titan is steadily making gains in the weight room. His summer max lifts were a 350-pound bench press, a 490-pound squat and a 300-pound power clean.

Those are good junior lifts, but the big thing to key in on here is how nimbly Wilson covers ground at 330 approximate pounds.

Georgia line coach Sam Pittman, of course, greeted that decision with his typical wit and charm on social media.

“You need to watch him pull and run. Seriously. It is just like a gazelle. You’re looking at that and just loving those feet. But then you are looking at him and going ‘this kid is massive’ and man can he run. It will be like he is just tip-toeing around guys.”

“It is just like he runs on pillows. It is crazy. Soft feet, man. He ain’t no lumberer out there. I can promise you that. He can make it happen.”

“You just see things and go ‘Good gosh’ because now he’s starting to enjoy it and annihilate people. You kind of feel bad at times for the other kids he is blocking. This big joker is on them and they can’t get him off. He’s just attacking them. It’s awesome. It is awesome.”

“He’s really never played football before. He’s been a soccer player. A basketball player.”

“His feet are what sets him apart. It is unbelievable and I am not just a high school coach saying how good my kid is. You just watch him run and watch him move. It is like God has blessed him. Let’s just say that.”

“He’s got the best demeanor. He’s the best kid. Teachers love him. I don’t bet you could find anyone around here in the whole school to say anything bad about him. He’s just awesome. He really is.”

“Great kid. Great player. But he’s an offensive lineman that still plays hard all the time.”

“He’s a big kid. A big player. A big prospect. But he’s not one of those kids who thinks he is bigger than everyone else. Even though he is physically bigger than everybody else.”

“He’ll be an interior guard or center for them (in college) when he gets there. Possibly a center or a guard type.”

Wilson ranks as the nation’s No. 19 OG for 2021 on the 247Sports Composite ratings. That places him as the nation’s No. 495 overall prospect for 2021.

That’s if you needed to know that after getting everything that really matters about his worth as a player from West Forsyth head coach Adrian Snow.

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