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How did that weekend unofficial visit go for Brock Bowers and his family?

Brock Bowers: Nation’s No. 3 TE feels ‘Athens is different’ after his latest visit

Want to attack every day with the latest UGA football recruiting info? That’s what the Intel brings. This edition will break down how the nation’s No. 3 TE (247Sports Composite rankings) Brock Bowers now feels about UGA after his latest trip to Athens.

We have chronicled many visits to check out the University of Georgia in this space, but the recent one made by Brock Bowers belongs in a category unto itself.

Can’t call it an official. Or an unofficial. We might just have to call it a “Bowers” and leave it at that.

The All-American Bowl commitment from Napa in California just took his second out-of-pocket trip this year to check out UGA. That’s despite some obvious obstacles.

Global pandemic? Quarantine? Cross-country flight? An NCAA recruiting ban on on-campus visits? Can’t meet in person with any of the Georgia coaches on his trip?

Bowers was undeterred. He put the Heisman pose to all of those potential drawbacks. Kind of like this embedded clip below.

For starters, he needed a second trip without the rush of his first unofficial during the last open period for college visits. That one, he said, was rushed.

“It felt pretty much the same as I remembered,” Bowers said. “It was good.”

This one began with a 2 a.m. arrival into Athens last Friday. He then met up with 2021 commitments Brock Vandagriff and Chaz Chambliss for a power breakfast later that morning at Mama’s Boy in Athens.

The 2-day visit concluded with a trip to the Vandagriff home. The 5-star QB was at his grandmother’s house, but the Bowers family was able to hang with the rest of the Vandagriffs a little while longer.

For the Bulldogs, this off-the-cuff visit was somehow fitting. That’s because the connection Bowers feels to Georgia has never largely been about a facility or a locker room. Not even one of those breathless moments looking at an empty Sanford Stadium.

It has always been about people and that was his biggest takeaway about UGA from this trip, too.

“I think it is just like the relationship I have with the coaches there,” Bowers said. “I really like the coaches there and then my [potential] incoming class that’s coming in with me. I like Brock. I like Chaz and also talking with a couple of the other players that are already there like Ryland Goede. He just seems like a good dude. All those guys seem like good dudes over there. Ryland is a great dude. He’s great, man.”

That really stood out here.

“That’s pretty important,” Bowers said. “That’s who you are going to spend all of your time with year-round and associate yourself with.”

For the sake of transparency and complete accuracy, he had one other very strong opinion about The Classic City. It was about that big cinnamon roll at Mama’s Boy.

That delicacy made an impression. He also took down a dinner plate at The Porterhouse Grill in Athens, too. So at least he was able to eat like he was on an official visit.

Brock Bowers has caught 21 touchdowns passes for his Napa High team over the last two seasons. That is some impressive production for a high school tight end. (Brock Bowers/Courtesy photo)

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