Can the Bulldogs pull another legacy in Cooper Mays out of Tennessee?

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Cooper Mays is the brother of current UGA freshman Cade Mays.

Want to attack every day with the latest UGA football recruiting info? That’s what the Intel brings at least four days a week. The play today calls for a chat with prized Tennessee OL recruit Cooper Mays. Mays, who is currently a 3-star recruit, is the son of former Volunteers team captain Kevin Mays. He is also the younger brother of current UGA freshman OL Cade Mays. 

Cooper Mays will have a decision on his hands. Give him credit for doing his due process at this time.

The class of 2020 recruit is the son of a former Tennessee team captain from the glory days of the Phil Fulmer era.

But he is also the younger brother of current Georgia freshman OL/TE/H-back Cade Mays.

Cade Mays chose the Bulldogs during the early signing period a year ago. He was a long-time Tennessee commit, but the unrest regarding that program sparked his de-commitment and eventual UGA decision.

The junior OL prospect from Knoxville Catholic (Knoxville, Tenn.) was on hand last Saturday for the season opener.

It was not his first trip. Cooper had camped well in Athens this summer. There was at least one other trip to watch his brother scrimmage last month.

“That was my first game in Athens,” Mays said of his visit last weekend. “It was really cool to see the atmosphere and everything on Saturdays with Georgia in Athens. It was really cool to see my brother play. That was very fun.”

There was a family moment in the pregame. When the OL drills allowed him the time, Cade hustled near where his brother was and acknowledged him. Nothing formal. Just a moment between brothers. Those two really don’t talk about football much. They both get enough of it with their teams.

“I was proud of him,” Cooper Mays said. “It was really cool to see him out there playing big-time football and everything. I miss playing with him but it is great to see him at Power 5 school out there succeeding. Not many people out there are going to get first-team reps at an SEC school. Especially as a freshman.”

Those two played side-by-side in high school. The ability to possibly replicate that at Georgia will be a draw to Athens. But maybe not as big as another fella who is much more likely to be in Athens for the 2021 season.

That’s Sam Pittman.

“Good things are happening in Athens,” Cooper Mays said. “I like it a lot.”

The Sam Pittman draw for Cooper Mays 

When asked to describe Pittman, Cooper did sound like a lot of OL recruits DawgNation has interviewed.

“Coach Pitt is just a funny dude,” Cooper Mays said. “He’s got a ton of funny stories. He’s super funny.”

Cooper Mays plans to be low-key about his college decision. He will not rush to make a quick choice. (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation)

There was more.

“Shoot,” Mays said. “Just a big fun-loving guy. Just a great guy to be around honestly and just a joy to be around.”

Cooper Mays sounds like a simple guy. He made it clear the recruiting lounge and West End Zone was nice. It is convenient. He was more than thankful for the copious array of food that was available.

Georgia could have made the belly of a 340-pound tackle tap out last weekend.

“The eating was nice,” he said. “They had barbecue before the game. Barbecue chicken and barbecue pulled pork. Barbecue sandwiches. Macaroni and cheese. Shoot, that was really fun for me. I liked that.”

But his final decision will not be made by things that can be found on the invoices sent to the University of Georgia Athletic Association for those new upgrades.

“I loved it obviously but I am more focused on the people at Georgia rather than anything,” Cooper Mays said.

That $65 million may have been well spent, but he’s looking for more.

“I’m not very big on materialistic things,” Cooper Mays said. “I’m more focused on the people and how the vibe is around Athens more than anything.”

Kevin Mays, the father of Cooper and Cade Mays, was a captain on the offensive line during the 1990s for Phillip Fulmer at Tennessee. (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation)
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