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Christen Miller broke down his top 5 and why he feels led to already make his college decision in April.

Christen Miller: All-American DT talks ‘Dawgs, his top 5 and a faithful decision date

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Christen Miller will make sure Christ is a big part of his commitment day. That’s why he will make his college decision known on April 4.

That’s Easter. The charismatic and exuberant rising senior at Cedar Grove High School wants to use that day to show his connection to a strong Christian faith.

“I did it on the perfect day which is Easter,” Miller said. “I feel like it was a good day. It was the Resurrection day and a God day. I feel like that was the perfect day to commit on April 4. I did trust this process to my best ability. But I felt like now was the time to go again and trust it as much as I trust God. I am going to trust God to just lead on with my process and take a big step forward. A huge step.”

Others still need visits. They need to go through the process as a priority recruit. The 6-foot-5, 285-pound defensive line prospect was just ready. He is still just ready.

“It was just me and my family sitting down and going off of God,” he said. “It was like ‘Okay, we know that we’re ready to go with this process’ so why are we waiting to take visits, we might as well make a decision.”

He knows. The school where he is planning to commit to? It does not.

“I’m going to kind of make it a little surprise,” he said. “I’m going to call them the day of my commitment. I’m going to call them before I am committed to just let them know I’m locked in.”

How hard was it making that decision?

“I wouldn’t say it was too hard,” Miller said. “Nothing is too hard for my God when you trust in him. If I was lying about it being hard, then I would be flying. It wasn’t hard but it had some stressful times. Some very stressful times. Knowing and wondering when were we going to have visits again? It was kind of like ‘Okay, God.  Are you sure I’m ready for this?’ and it was like ‘Okay’ and so now I’m all for it.”

Miller described it as doing a “full background check” on what he was thinking. He had to see how other players at each school liked it.

“It took months to kind of get a feel and to see if I liked it and if it was the best fit for me,” he said. “… It was like I wanted to be at a lot of places, but I needed to let my heart and my God lead me to where I needed to be. When that happened, I was locked in and I have no regrets.”

The decision was made in his parent’s room. He always wanted to commit on Sunday. Is that because he is such a spiritual and faith-based young man?

“That’s a perfect read,” Miller said. “I wanted to commit on a Sunday just because I will wake up and go to church and have a good Sunday with family and go eat Sunday dinner. Then I get around the house and let everybody else know in the family and then post it all on Instagram. Then let the whole world know what I am doing.”

Then it will be real, he says.

“I am going to get a little touchy on it,” Miller continued. “Growing up in a Christian home I wasn’t always packed in with God. I had to find him for myself. Growing up my Dad was a pastor. Growing up in a Christian home a lot of people think that Christian kids are wild. A lot of people think God is forced on you.”

“But then you have to find God yourself. You had to find that love for God and God’s love yourself. Not because your Dad is a pastor. So I felt like when I found that love for myself it was dangerous. Because now I know my God. That’s how I look at it. That’s the main thing for me.”

“When it is your God, you understand him a lot more. You learn how to listen to him first. You learn how to talk to him and how to move with him guiding your life. We’re not perfect as people. We all make mistakes, but when my God is my God, he is always going to be there for me.”

If it seems like this is more pulpit than pulling for this team or that team, then that is how this story just has to be. His name is Christen Miller and he professes to seek out Christ in his life in all things.

That will include his college football decision.

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