Derrick LeBlanc: Georgia gave out a “dream” offer to a freshman with elite size

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Derrick Leblanc is a name to know in the 2023 recruiting cycle.

Want to attack every day with the latest UGA football recruiting info? That’s what the Intel brings. This entry will serve up the first DawgNation recruiting dive on elite 2023 defensive end prospect Derrick Leblanc. 

Derrick LeBlanc had no stars. No rankings.

That said, he had still picked up offers from Alabama, LSU, Michigan, Penn State and Texas as of late May.

That’s what the combination of being six feet and five-plus inches tall AND 245 pounds with that freshman game tape below did for him.

Derrick LeBlanc is a class of 2023 prospect who said he already has at least 38 college offers at this time. (Derrick Leblanc/Courtesy photo)

It is still proof that the game will find a young man before the internet recruiting fame.

LeBlanc is 15. He will turn 16 in September and he already has at least 38 college offers.

That’s after not starting as a freshman in 2019. He had to play behind seniors and was a second-string on both sides of the line.

How good does a 2023 prospect have to look in order to grab DawgNation’s attention?

Do they have to be a highly likely future 5-star like Newton High’s Justin Benton?

There is a clear point here that most won’t have the tunnel vision to deal with a big 2023 recruiting update amid a pandemic.

Will it just be the 2021 class that catches everyone’s attention?

Maybe an elite 2022 commitment like Marquis Groves-Killebrew perhaps?

Football just started up basically last week across Georgia and some other states in the South.

Check out a sampling of these quotes.

  • “I always have used to tell my coaches from high school that Georgia is a good place to be,” LeBlanc said. “This would be a good place where I would want to be at.”
  • “Most of the time when I am home alone just working out I will roll the Georgia tape from every game they played this season from Notre Dame, South Carolin and all those games they played. I watched how coach [Tray] Scott coached that defensive line. It is just real. It just makes me real happy that my dream school just offered.”
  • “I am from Miami but like people think there is now way you are a Georgia fan. You grew up like a Hurricanes fan. So like for me I’ve liked Georgia since I was young. That’s when I used to see them ‘whup’ people running the football and the defense they played was good, too.”
  • “Coach [Dan] Lanning is a really cool guy. I’ve already talking to coach Lanning. Coach Scott. I’ve talked to a lot of them. They are all really cool people.”
  • They show a lot of love,” he said. “I know that I am young and stuff and have got to go through all of this but you don’t understand if you get to talk to their coaching staff like I did then you would know why people pick Georgia. You can ask my coaches about it. They way they play, how they get up and support their team with their stadium and stuff I just really like it.”
  • The Georgia staff is just way different. They tell me things straight-up and they don’t sugarcoat anything. I like that. I just like people keeping it real with me like that. They do things different and it just clicked right away like when I wanted to make this my dream school. I was like ‘this is the place’ with all of that.” 

This is going to sound a little too much like a recruit who’s on his way to creating his own commitment edit and sending it to the school of his choice to see if he can share it with the world.

Is that overdoing it? Maybe. But not by the length of Leblanc’s 6-foot-5 inch frame. He said he was only about a quarter of an inch shy of the 6-foot-6 mark, too.

“When I started high school I was 225 and now I am already 245,” LeBlanc said late last month.

LeBlanc said he has still yet to see Georgia, but plans to when the campus reopens for unofficial visitors. He said the first school that he plans to visit once that happens will be Georgia.

Interested now? Then please read on.

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