Dylan Lonergan: Surging 2023 in-state QB prospect gets a big Georgia offer

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Dylan Lonergan is an impressive

Want to attack every day with the latest UGA football recruiting info? That’s what the Intel brings. This entry is a good first read on Brookwood HS quarterback Dylan Lonergan. He is a well-regarded sophomore QB. 

Georgia offered Brookwood High School QB Dylan Lonergan on Saturday. It was a big offer for several reasons. There are not many 2023 offers that are worthy of a full-blown DawgNation read.

We can just imagine the DawgNation editors coming back with something like … “A sophomore offer, man? We’re talking about an offer here?”

Why yes. Yes, we are. The Georgia offer to Lonergan stands out for more reasons than Lonergan has playmakers at receiver in his progressions in the Brookwood offense.

Let’s tally them up:

  • According to the database on 247Sports, it appears Lonergan becomes the fifth QB in the class to land a Bulldog offer. He is the first in-state offer.
  • He is shredding GHSA Class 7A through the first two games of his sophomore year. Check out his average game so far in Georgia’s highest classification: 25-of-37 for 354 yards with 3.5 touchdowns and 1.0 interceptions. Lonergan is completing 67 percent of his passes.
  • His father was a former backup QB for Todd Blackledge at Penn State. 
  • Lonergan’s offer sheet now includes the likes of Georgia, LSU, Oregon, Penn State and South Carolina, among others. 
  • The in-state QB is now on a team that features four significant Georgia offers, including prized 2022 commit Marquis Groves-Killebrew
  • Lonergan is a splendid athlete. I’ve been told he was quite a golfer growing up, but he largely left his clubs in the bag to pursue baseball and football. The 6-foot-1 200-pounder is a national All-American type prospect as a RHP. He’s already touched between 91-93 mph off the bump at 16 years of age.

The Diamond Dawgs are said to have offered him when he was in middle school. How did he feel about the latest Georgia offer?

“It felt great to get my hometown school and I was very excited to get this one,” Lonergan told DawgNation.

His teammate, Marquis Groves-Killebrew, is a relentless lead recruiter for Georgia in the 2022 class. He’s already been very much in Lonergan’s ear about being teammates for a few more years in college.

“He’s been on me a lot already trying to get me to join him there,” Lonergan said. “Definitely going to think about it but I’ve got a lot of things to weigh into my decision.”

Georgia offensive coordinator Todd Monken offered.

“It was really exciting for me because I’ve been waiting for a while.”

He said he will “definitely” intend to play both baseball and football in college. He isn’t able to discern which one of those two is his favorite sport. He said he typically favors whichever sport is in season.

Lonergan doesn’t have a 247Sports Composite rating yet as a 2023 class member. But his pure 247Sports rating now sits as the No. 6 pro-style QB and No. 81 nationally. Look for those values to ascend in the future.

Pro-Style or Dual-threat? Check out the go-ahead TD run by Lonergan. His legs will catch your attention and yet so will the downfield blocks by his teammates, too.

Lonergan even converted a 3rd-and-30 for Brookwood in that game. That’s another level of here where those numbers go beyond the stat sheet. The quality of the opponent has been high so far and Lonergan has been at his best when his best was required in a clutch situation. Times two.

There’s a point here where it must be noted that Lonergan is blessed to have a pair of All-American Class of 2022 receivers in his huddle and a great scheme to operate from at Brookwood. Yet having guys like Sam M’Bake and De’Nylon Morrissette to throw has clearly accelerated his progress.

There is also the matter of how he is doing it. Check out the vast highlight reel from the first two games that I really like.

The first thing to consider here is a young man that has thrown for seven scores and 707 yards in two games only saw it necessary to cut up a 1:55 highlight reel.

I had a conversation with his QB trainer, the well-know Tony Ballard of Hustle, Inc., which revealed a propensity to attack the middle of the field. Lonergan is not throwing up a lot of balls for grabs. He’s doing what he is trained to do.

“The first time I saw Dylan I immediately thought of Davis Mills,” Ballard said of the nation’s No. 1 QB prospect in 2017. “I think he is every bit of on track to be just as good as Davis Mills. Now, that says a lot. I think the only thing to see just yet that would fade that is just the mental aspect. How well does he understand protections? How well does he understand schemes?”

Ballard has not spent anywhere near the same amount of time in the classroom as he has with Mills. Mills signed with Stanford as was set to start this year in his redshirt junior season. But he will.

Dylan Lonergan is already showing an advanced understanding of ball placement as a high school sophomore at Brookwood High School. (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation)

“But in terms of fundamentals and in terms of proper throwing motion and ball placement I think he throws a great ball he puts me in that mindframe of being just as good as Davis,” Ballard said. “I see Davis. I think he could be just as good as Davis.”

He’s not wrong. But that’s high praise. Ballard still believes he’s never worked with a quarterback who threw a more catchable ball than Mills.

Yet Lonergan is stirring up those memories. He likely has a stronger arm than Mills at this stage of their respective careers.

The multiple times here where Lonergan has layered the ball between the second and third levels of the defense is an advanced skill for any high school sophomore.

“I think he is about two years ahead of his time,” Ballard said. “With any of these kids I have dealt with,I try to figure out where they are compared to the other good quarterbacks in their class. Davis Mills was two years ahead of his time. Harrison Bailey was two years ahead of his time. Gunner Stockon is two years ahead of his time. Because of what they have above the shoulders. Not just all their physical ability.”

It is all about ball placement here. Already. He’s getting the ball out fast. Already.

“Dylan is definitely a QB I would want to be a ‘Dawg,” Groves-Killebrew said. “And I tell people this all the time, he’s definitely the best qb in his class. Y’all haven’t really even seen anything from him yet. His potential is crazy.”

Lonergan is a true sophomore as well. Not a reclass kid. He’s just 16 years old with a hustler’s mentality to get better. Where was he on the Sunday after that big Walton game?

He was out throwing with Ballard. Mills was also in town because of he wait-and-see about the Pac-12 season. They worked out and threw together.

“I can get really into that comparison with Davis and Dylan because I just saw them side by side today,” Ballard said on Sunday.

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Dylan Lonergan is a NAME to know in the 2023 class. Already. (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation)


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