Former NFL Pro Bowler shares “impressed” view of 4-star OT Tate Ratledge

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4-star OT Tate Ratledge is one of the top targets in the 2020 class for Georgia.

Former NFL Pro Bowler and Auburn great Willie Anderson is regarded as one of the top offensive line trainers in the Southeast, if not the country. He was working the Atlanta Opening regional camp late last month and had a chance to size up 4-star OT Tate Ratledge.

Needless to say, he was impressed.

“Very impressed with that today,” Anderson said. “I think he impressed the entire crowd. He impressed me with 1) Not only his physicality but 2) How well he took the coaching.”

When Ratledge got his hands on somebody at the Atlanta Opening regional, it was all over. (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation)

Ratledge is and has been one of the top targets on the board for Georgia in the 2020 class.

His ratings and class rankings on the 247Sports Composite ratings continue to inch up.

He is now regarded as the nation’s No. 4 OT prospect for this class and as the nation’s No. 39 overall prospect.

He was named the “OL MVP” after a dominant showing at the Atlanta regional.

That’s not what those camps are all about and that bull rush, while effective in games, severely handicaps the offensive linemen in those settings.

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That Myles Murphy vs. Tate Ratledge matchup

That Tate Ratledge vs. Myles Murphy matchup was a great test at the Atlanta Opening regional. (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation)

Anderson saw that as the clear “alpha” pairing of that camp for the OLs and DLs. Murphy had his most impressive reps of the camp against Ratledge. There was one stalemate, one win for Murphy and one win for Ratledge.

“That was a long day for him by then,” Anderson said of Ratledge.

Those were the only reps Ratledge came close to losing. Those were against the nation’s 2 strong-side DE prospect and No. 9 overall recruit on the 247Sports Composite ratings.

“Ball get off is great for him there,” he said of Murphy. “I’m sure the thing with young offensive linemen getting their low hands too high and then a hand can slip off and a guy can take you back with momentum. But within a day’s work for him? To lose at the most two reps out of 10 or 12 in a one-on-one is a great process day for him.”

Anderson said that offensive line coaches usually preach the following.

“If you can block a guy 80 percent of the time in pass protection drills then you are going to block him 100 percent of the time in a game,” Anderson said. “Because that defensive lineman has to worry about his contain and the run and his fits and so much other stuff than just rushing the passer every rep. Not just one-on-one pass rushing.”

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Ratledge just saw it as a way to get better.

“I enjoyed that,” he said. “He’s fast.”

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