Top-5 DE Jacolbe Cowan, Tray Scott go back years … will that pay off for Georgia?

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North Carolina standout Jacolbe Cowan has a special relationship with a particular Georgia coach.

Want to attack every day with the latest Georgia football recruiting info? That’s what the Intel will bring at least five days a week. Our menu on Tuesday night centers on another North Carolina connection with elite rising junior DE Jacolbe Cowan

Tray Scott calls Jacolbe Cowan “Colbe Colb” sometimes when they chat. That’s likely a good thing because that’s the same thing Cowan’s mother calls him sometimes.

Cowan and Scott go back a ways. Like back in the days before the Avengers had ever met Black Panther. The most accurate time stamp would be spring 2015.

That was when Cowan — already a middle school talent in full bloom — was attending camps and events at North Carolina while Scott was still the defensive line coach there.

That was in the spring of his seventh-grade year — well before 247Sports ranked him the No. 3 strongside defensive end in the Class of 2020.

Defensive line coach Tray Scott will be a vital part of Jacolbe Cowan’s continued interest in UGA. (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation)

“Back then, he treated me the same as he does now,” said Cowan, who attends Charlotte (N.C.) Providence Day School. “He approached me like any other coach would approach a player now even if they were in the 10th grade, the seventh grade on a senior about to graduate. He has never changed and always been the same energetic guy. Like I said, we started building a relationship then and we are still continuing to build that relationship.”

Scott was able to position Georgia as the first school to offer Cowan a scholarship. He’s known him as long as any coach or recruiter that is currently in contact at this time.

“We speak all the time,” Cowan said. “Just working on a relationship with him and then staying in touch there as much as all the NCAA rules will permit, that. Because they can’t really contact me. He comes to school and watches me work out. Yeah, I have a great relationship with Coach Scott.”

He offered up an across-the-board excellent review of Scott’s prowess as a position coach, teacher and recruiter.

“Coach Scott does a great job of getting to know the family as well and not just the recruit,” Cowan said. “He tells me all the time that he wants to build a relationship with the Mom because at the end of the day the mom and the dad have to trust you with their sons.”

“I love how he does that and I love how he gets to know you,” Cowan added. “He’s really a great teacher with showing his players the techniques and the different ways to get to the quarterback and things like that. I just love overall how he approaches coaching and recruiting and things like that.”

The 6-foot-5, 265-pound rising junior also said he was recently measured with a 34.5-inch vertical leap at a recent camp.

“That was no training either,” Cowan said. “Just straight vertical. Just random jumping.”

“Schools in the SEC like Georgia and Alabama told me that I would play my regular 5 technique in their defenses and I could move down some plays but still play my main position,” he said. “Other schools in the Big 10 and SEC have told me I would play my regular 5 technique but also heads-up with the tight end and outside the tight end most times.”

Cowan is taking a lot of visits, but don’t take that to mean an accelerated decision timeline.

“I just don’t want to cram all that stuff into my senior year,” he said. “We’re just evaluating and seeing what all my options are and which places are the best for me. But still taking my time, as well.”

He wears No. 12, but that’s not because he was a former QB. That’s in tribute to his uncle Rydell Cowan, who played cornerback at Appalachian State.

“He wore No. 12 and he had a chance at getting drafted before he had a serious knee injury coming out of college,” Jacolbe Cowan said of a pre-NFL combine injury to his uncle.

Where does UGA stand with Jacolbe Cowan after G-Day? 

Cowan said he has taken three trips to Athens so far. First was a March trip last year where he picked up his UGA offer, followed by a game last season and back at G-Day last month.

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