UGA recruiting: Does Grayson High School steer its players from Athens?

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Does Grayson High School really have any beef with UGA?

Want to attack every day with the latest Georgia football recruiting info? That’s what the Intel will bring at least five days a week. The play sheet today calls for an examination as to whether there is any anti-UGA bias regarding Grayson High School. 

We have a “Question of the Day” feature on DawgNation. But the recruiting side of that feature runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It seems like an exception is necessary on this night.

I will aim to spark a real discussion regarding a topic that seems to be on everyone’s mind last night after the Owen Pappoe commitment to Auburn. 

This will not be more on why he shared the news he silently committed to Auburn assistant Travis Williams approximately two months ago.

Numerous readers — via email, forum and Twitter responses — and probably some fella who may or may not be Brandon Adams, all had a bigger-picture topic in mind.

We shall summarize with this: Grayson High School and UGA. Is there something going on behind the scenes? Is there something not going on there behind the scenes? 

I can see how all of this looks on the surface. Grayson had four high-profile commits announce Tuesday night on TV and across several lives stream at Sports and Social near SunTrust Park in Atlanta.

  • Kevin Harris chose Alabama over Miami
  • Wanya Morris chose Tennessee over Auburn
  • Owen Pappoe chose Auburn over Georgia
  • Kenyatta Watson II chose Texas over Notre Dame

The Bulldogs, as some might suggest, went 0 for 4 with Grayson High this week.

I believe that would be wrong. Each of those guys held an offer from Georgia at one point. And then they did not. That is a matter regarding the complicated world of committable offers here. That’s very different from an offer in the world of college football recruiting.

Harris hoped to commit to Georgia early last season, but for whatever reason, it was not accepted. Morris was once a UGA priority before the Bulldogs suddenly stopped recruiting him at the same level they had been previously.

Stuff like that happens. Recruiting is a business. Watson didn’t have an offer from Georgia until late in his process.

Pappoe was really the only target for the Bulldogs. That real batting line was closer to 0 for 1.

Does Grayson have an agenda when it comes to UGA? That’s when or where the name Kenyatta Watson Sr. often comes up. He’s been an assistant-slash-volunteer coach with the program for the last several years and his duties often align with the role of recruiting coordinator with the program.

His son just committed to Texas. What most people do not realize is that none of those Grayson players or their families are from Georgia. None of those prospects were born in Georgia.

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