Want to attack every day with the latest UGA football recruiting info? That’s what the Intel brings. This entry is about the very real chance of hosting a bevy of All-American talent on the first official visit weekend in June. 

Well, that whole back-to-campus thing just might escalate quickly. It might just take a few “ifs” lining up.

It is okay to dream of normalcy, right? We can all not be enthused about that term, but just hope for it.

There’s a stiff cross of the fingers here, but IF things keep trending in the right direction with the COVID-19 pandemic nationwide AND the various reports coming out about the NCAA-mandated dead period morphing into a quiet period beginning on June 1, 2021 hold true….

Well, then that first weekend of June will be a star-struck recruiting event at the University of Georgia.

It is also a given to note there are two more weeks of March plus April and May to get through here. And yet these are also visits and trips that have been at least 14 months in the making.

There’s a real chance for a BIG on BIG official visit weekend in Athens right out of the gate.

Here’s what we have been able to track and monitor so far:

  • De’Nylon Morrissette hinted last weekend a lot of the top guys in the state were planning to take their officials together early in June. He said it was in the works and 5-star Gunner Stockton would be there. 
  • Morrisette plays for the very highly-regarded Hustle, Inc. 7-on-7 squad which features two high-profile Georgia commitments and no less than five other priority targets for UGA in the 2022 cycle. 
  • It appears those works are moving faster than Eric Stokes at a Pro Day.
  • Stockton is indeed planning to take his official visit to Georgia for the first weekend in June. He is trying to put together a big band of heavy hitters on offense. He’s rated as the nation’s No. 1 dual-threat QB and the No. 20 overall prospect for this cycle.
  • The Rabun County All-American could be cast as a pied piper for this class, but his efforts here seem more like Bono or Jagger or maybe even Wyatt Earp in this instance. 
  • All-American TE Oscar Delp confirmed with DawgNation today he is planning to take his official to UGA during the first weekend of June, too. The nation’s No. 1 TE for 2022 (247Sports Composite) also slots in as the nation’s No. 76 overall recruit for this cycle. 
  • Delp is also planning officials to Florida and South Carolina in June, but those dates are not yet set. 
  • He’s not the only high-value target for UGA on that Hustle Inc. team. There’s also All-American WR Kojo Antwi. Antwi is another All-American who has seen quite a rankings boost of late. He’s the nation’s No. 13 WR and the No. 94 overall prospect in this class. He told DawgNation that he has also scheduled his official visit for that weekend, too. 
  • Antwi and Delp are very good friends. Those two have both made it known how much they enjoy hanging out and spending time with one another even though they play for different high schools in Forsyth County. Antwi has also scheduled his official to be at UGA that weekend and at Texas A&M the following weekend. He will visit USC the weekend after that. 
  • Morrissette is also a strong candidate to make that trip. DawgNation was not able to immediately confirm his plans on Thursday, though. Morrissette had a very revealing interview earlier this week with DawgNation. 
  • The playmaking WR out of Brookwood High in Gwinett County is the nation’s No. 30 WR and the No. 226 overall prospect for 2022. He’s been playing in offseason or postseason All-Star events with Stockton for the last 3-4 years. If he makes the trip, then that first weekend in June will really be something. 
  • It was also relayed earlier this week that All-American OL Addison Nichols from Greater Atlanta Christian will be on his official visit at UGA as well that weekend. Nichols ranks as the nation’s No. 9 offensive tackle and at No. 92 overall in the nation for 2022. 
  • Nichols told DawgNation this week Stockton has been reaching out to recruit him to play for UGA in this class, too. 
  • This wouldn’t be a 2022 class update without a quick check on the senior commit of the class. That would be Brookwood CB Marquis-Groves Killebrew. He’s a high school teammate of Morrisette and also a member of that same Hustle, Inc. team. 
  • Groves-Killebrew has his own Intel about what the month of June might mean for this class. He won’t be taking his official visit in June and yet he understands how important the weekend trips can be for UGA. “I’ll be taking mine sometime during the season but I’ll definitely be there during other people’s officials,” he said on Thursday.
  • How could the weekend get any bigger? Well, the No. 1 RB in the nation for Rivals told DawgNation this week that he wants to visit UGA as soon as he can once visits are back on again. That’s Branson Robinson and he is also a priority offensive recruit in the 2022 cycle, too. 

That’s a good head of steam for that first weekend in June. Especially in the middle of March.

There’s a lot to get the arms around here with such a big mega weekend forming for the 2022 class. The group that is in town will certainly also attract other visits, too.

The removal of said dead period is still more than 2.5 months away, but at the same time, it is nice to see the plans for such a “Georgia-sized” recruiting weekend from years past already forming up ahead.

It is a pleasant thought to just consider. Especially given that the mere notion of scheduling official visits has been removed from everyday thinking for so long.

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