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Did you see the catch that Pearce Spurlin III made last weekend yet?

Pearce Spurlin III: UGA commit explains his ridiculous catch at a prospect camp

Want to attack every day with the latest UGA football recruiting info? That’s what the Intel brings. This entry chronicles a recent Pearce Spurlin III catch from over the weekend at an Under Armour regional prospect camp. Spurlin is a 2023 Georgia tight end commitment. 

The Under Armour regionals try to trot out the nation’s top talent from every pocket of the country. The typical recruiting calendar allows those camps to serve as the first big stage for a prospect like Georgia commitment Pearce Spurlin III to show up and show out.

Spurlin showed up last weekend in South Florida. And he certainly showed out.

What did Spurlin have to say about that one-handed snare?

“I saw that he was lined up outside leverage and I knew I had to move him a little bit,” Spurlin said. “I knew I had to kind of move him a little bit. That was my initial release. I was kind of questioning which way I wanted to go. I was thinking if I wanted to take an inside release at the top of my route but then I was like I am going to take an inside release.”

“I wanted to make my route look good and if I threw him through as I did. I knew it would’ve looked better. So that’s just like I did. I did an initial inside release to stutter and then I got that outside step and then I threw him through and he ended up holding me.”

For those that deem running routes and making catches to be rather elementary, think again. Spurlin wasn’t finished breaking down his process on that one rep.

“I was like ‘Shoot he’s holding me’ and I was just thinking this can’t happen. Because you only get three or four reps at those types of camps and you have to make them worth it. I was like I really hope this ball comes close to me because I can still catch it. He was draped all over me and I had to get him off of me and I saw the ball and I just kind of stuck my hand out. I don’t really even remember the whole thing. I remember getting up and everyone was yelling and somebody stuck a camera in my face. I kind of remember it. I remember it hitting my hands but I just stuck my hand out and just caught it.”

Then he got up. Spurlin saw the camera and looked at it. He never even looked at his defender.

“It was cool,” he said. “I kind of got up with a little bit of swag looking at the camera. Looking at everybody. Everybody was going crazy. It was something I will never forget for sure.”

This Recruit247 edit from Hayes Fawcett commemorated Spurlin’s commitment to UGA last fall. (Pearce Spurlin III/Instagram)

A good little backstory on Pearce Spurlin III

Spurlin comes from a multi-generation Georgia family. He was measured at 6 feet, 6 inches and 212 pounds at that Under Armour All-American regional camp. That was a good stab for him there given that it was the same hand in which he broke the scaphoid bone in his wrist at the end of his 2020 season.

We can go ahead and chalk that surgery up as a success and that thought as the understatement of the day.

It ended his sophomore year early. He missed the last three games, but still had 46 catches for 606 yards and five TDs. That was in seven games.

“I went up for a ball and fell down and came down on my hand,” he said. “It fractured my scaphoid bone and I ended up getting surgery. My recovery was only like three weeks. It was a good surgery. I was only out for like three weeks and could start playing basketball.”

That’s a link to a fortuitous part of his adolescence. This author can remember breaking his arm twice during the formative years of elementary school. That time in a cast forced his teachers to implore a natural lefty to learn how to write with his opposite hand.

Spurlin has a story like that. Sorta. He’s had the odd fractured finger or hand or wrist coming up. When he did, he kept playing ball. Or at least catching it.

That’s why is now adept at the art of a one-handed catch. Even with a defender draped over him.

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