Get to know the name Deyon Bouie in the class of 2022

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Unrated ATH Deyon Bouie will soon see a lot of stars next to his name in the near future.

Want to attack every day with the latest UGA football recruiting info? That’s what the Intel brings at least four days a week. The play sheet today calls for an introduction with the first (of likely very many) Intel blog posts about Class of 2022 ATH Deyon Bouie

Christmas has passed. Sadly.

With it, there comes a sense of renewal with the hope and possibility of the coming year. With that, I pondered a simple thought: Who is the best young football player we’ve yet to introduce the readership to yet on this site? 

This one came rather easily given what I had seen out of a certain freshman in the 2018 Georgia High School Association state playoffs. It also marks the first time I’ve written anything extensive about a prospect in the 2022 class.

The aim here is to make sure the first prospect blog post for every class is a very good one. Especially with a class that is still THREE seasons away from the time when they can first sign in the early period in December of 2021.

Deyon Bouie is already a prospect to know in the state of Georgia. That’s even though he is in the class of 2022. (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation)

Deyon Bouie qualifies here. Rather easily.

He doesn’t have a single star yet for his 247Sports Composite rating. But that will be a moot point in the very near future.

His name (which is pronounced DAY-ON BOO-E) is already one to know for those with an interest in college recruiting in the South.

The Bouie HUDL reel intersects with the viewpoints of not one nor two but three different scouting assessments regarding the Bainbridge freshman ATH from this year.

For the purposes of a very brief story recap, let’s call them the Three Wise Men.

Those separate conversations were essentially a minor derivative of something like this.

DawgNation: Tell me what you have seen so far about this Bouie kid. 

Wise Man #1: He’s really good. Especially to be so young. Good kid, too. He really competes. 

DawgNation: Really? How good are we talking about here? 

Wise Man #2: Everyone wants comparisons, right? If you have to have one, then just think of the best player you’ve seen from South Georgia. Think when you saw him in the ninth grade. This kid is as good as that guy in your mind was at that age. He can also play all over the field. (This gentleman then threw out a very very big player parallel just for the sake of making a comparison.)

DawgNation: That good, huh? You mean as good as (insert the name of a South Georgia great of your choice) at that position good? 

Wise Man #3: Yeah, he is already hat good already as a freshman. I have no problems with saying that. Bouie is that good. You will be writing his name a lot over the next three years. 

(End scene.)

So instead of saying this or that or hyping this young man up, I’ll do three things. I will not compare him to any of those South Georgia greats, though. He’s good enough to stand with his own name.

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