How good is Justin Fields? Major UGA target Kearis Jackson shares his view

Justin Fields-Kearis Jackson-UGA recruiting
Five-star QB Justin Fields (left) and 4-star WR Kearis Jackson are two of UGA's biggest remaining targets for 2018.

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The Georgia football recruiting news cycle is going to have a heavy dose of 5-star QB Justin Fields for the time being.

Fields — now the nation’s No. 1 overall prospect, according to the 247Sports composite — has had a meteoric recruiting rise. At one time, he sat in his room and prayed for an offer from Mercer. North Carolina finally came with that first scholarship in May 2016.

Now, he’s the No. 1 overall everything for 2018. DawgNation had an extended conversation with Fields last week that took two chapters to convey everything we learned.

The recruiting rankings are one thing, but DawgNation had a chance to ask one of Georgia’s other alpha targets — 4-star WR Kearis Jackson — just what makes Fields stand out amid a talented group of 2018 quarterbacks.

Kearis Jackson (left) Justin Fields (center) and Matt Corral (all got to know each other pretty well at Nike’s The Opening in July. (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation)

Let’s not forget about names such as Matt Corral, Emory Jones, Trevor Lawrence and Jarren Williams, among others.

Corral and Fields were both seen as options for the Bulldogs in 2018 last month.

Which one is better? Let’s preface this with what needs to be said first.

“I mean both of those guys are incredible,” Jackson said. “Both of them are very very good. Any school would be thrilled to have either one of those guys.”

But Jackson said there was some separation in his mind between those two.

Kearis Jackson on Justin Fields 

What does an elite receiver think about these top-rated quarterbacks, especially Fields and Corral? Jackson said he felt there were subtle differences.

Kearis Jackson has taken four visits to Auburn this summer. He’s also taken a trip to Alabama. (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation)

“Justin has a ball that is different,” Jackson said. “Corral has all the arm strength in the world. He just wants to zoom it in there and he can zip it. He can really zip it. Justin has a little more touch on it. It is more accurate as well. I think if I had to pick, I like Justin’s ball better.”

Jackson, the nation’s No. 25 receiver for this cycle, invented two new words for how Fields delivers the ball.

“Justin’s ball is just ‘waszoo’ in there,” Jackson said. “He just — man I don’t know — it is just ‘wooowee’ as it gets there. He throws a ball where you don’t have to turn and move as much to catch it. You can keep your stride.”

There might be some experience and loyalty there. Fields and Jackson were both on Cam Newton’s 7-on-7 team this summer.

“The ball is just like real smooth coming in there really,” Jackson said. “I don’t have to fight to like get it. It is easy and comes right on you. It sort of catches you. I guess that would be what everyone says when they say he throws dimes. He gives you a lot of tight balls to catch.”

Jackson gave the edge in arm strength to Corral. But he said Fields throws a ball that is easy to adjust to after only about one or two throwing sessions.

“Some of the other balls come in low and come in high,” Jackson said. “All these great quarterbacks are good with that, but Justin just has that touch that looks like it is coming as fast as everyone else’s ball but it is just different. Some guys throw it harder than him, but I don’t think they throw it any better or more accurately than he does.”

He said he sees Fields as a special player.

“I think the fans out there have a right to get excited about Justin,” Jackson said. “He throws the ball well. He’s a good guy and then he’s a dual threat. I know a school like Georgia hasn’t had a dual threat like him come along in awhile. Not since D.J. Shockley [2002-05].

“If Georgia can get Fields, that will really change things up in Athens.”

Jackson is scheduled to announce his decision on Aug. 19. Auburn, Alabama and Georgia are seen as the major contenders. UGA receivers coach James Coley has made Jackson a priority for quite some time.

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