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Jacolby Criswell is a big name to know in the QB puzzle at UGA for 2020

Jacolby Criswell-UGA recruiting-Georgia recruiting
Jacolby Criswell is showing strong interest right now in Georgia. The feeling does appear to be mutual.

Jacolby Criswell is a Devil Dog from the state of Arkansas. Could he be the next Bulldog QB in the class of 2020?

That name is worth remembering. Criswell has big arm talent and his relationship with the UGA staff is off to a promising start. It seems like it has been that way since last summer actually.

Jacolby Criswell had a terrific showing in Athens last summer to earn his UGA offer. He took a picture here with UGA support staff member Jesse Stone. Stone also hails from Arkansas. (Jacolby Criswell/Contributed photo)

That is why Kirby Smart is expected to visit Morrilton High School in Arkansas today.

Don’t be led too far astray by the rankings right now for this guy.

While Criswell does chart as the nation’s No. 8 dual-threat QB on the 247Sports Composite, that just pegs him as a 3-star. (The pure 247Sports rankings list him as a 4-star and the nation’s No. 6 dual-threat for 2020.)

“Colby” did not throw like a 3-star QB last June when he road tripped through Georgia and camped at UGA.

It was a “who is this kid from Arkansas?” moment when he picked up that Georgia offer. It came at a time when the Bulldogs were searching high and low for their QB choices in the 2019 class.

Criswell got his offer in advance of several other highly-rated in-state and Southeast QB prospects.

The reason? That’s likely because Criswell threw the ball very well that day. It wasn’t his best showing, he said, but it was up there among his best workouts for any college staff.

He said Jim Chaney dropped two names that his camp showing brought to mind: Drew Brees. Steve McNair.

That is some all-time-great company, but his film definitely makes one want to grab some popcorn.

It seems as if Criswell tries to throw it to the guy always in the furthest reaches of the screen on these snaps.

But he gets it there. He really gets it there.

“Colby” also realizes his position is meant to distribute the ball to playmakers. That’s why his scramble clips and then his 4.67 best showing in the 40 do not flash until late in his reel.

Some of those throws are the reason why coaches park a camera on a platform lift in the end zone to get that wide angle “All 22” shot.

He’s heard the term “gunslinger” a few times by now. It fits.

“When I was three or four my brother and I would just go outside and throw rocks,” Criswell said. “I would just have to hit something far away with every single one of them. I finally got introduced to football when I was six years old and I was just out there and picked up a ball and started playing catch with my friends.”

That’s where it all began, but he didn’t play quarterback until he was in the seventh grade.

There is legit mutual interest with Jacolby Criswell

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