Jamie Newman is expected to be in classes this week at Georgia. The former Wake Forest Demon Deacon should certainly now contend for the starting QB position at UGA with his final season of college eligibility.

DawgNation has written a lot about Newman’s impact since his graduate transfer plan became official, including the neat little oddity that the Georgia logo and team colors are the same as what he wore back in high school.

What sort of impact will he have on the Georgia program? Well, his playing style as a true dual-threat quarterback will be something different. The Bulldogs haven’t had a starter with his ability to make plays with his legs since D.J. Shockley led the team to an SEC title in 2005.

DawgNation reached out to the members of the 2020 class at Georgia to see what they thought here about the move. Those are going to be the only future Bulldogs in the program who will get to play with him.

What did they think?

  • David Daniel (4-star 2021 commit): “It’s gonna be dope to watch a dual-threat QB like him play next season. Along with my boy Marcus Rosemy, James Cook and Kenny Macintosh who are all from back home where I’m from.”
  • Chad Lindberg (4-star OL signee): “Looks like a good pickup. I’m excited for the future of this team.”
  • Nazir Stackhouse (4-star DT signee): “I honestly think it is a blessing to him and an honor for UGA to have him as our QB for 2020. We list [Justin Fields] but we definitely have faith in [Newman] and he will be supported as long as he stays.”
  • Mekhail Sherman (5-star LB signee): “Hope he brings us a natty,” said Sherman while admitting he doesn’t know much yet about Newman. “I just want to see him develop.”
  • Sedrick Van Pran-Granger (4-star OL commit): “Seen him on YouTube,” Van Pran-Granger said. “Dude has a canon and a nice set of wheels.”
  • Devin Willock (3-star OL signee): “That’s a big-time move,” Willock said. “After the rumors came about I started watching his highlights and he’s a great QB that would definitely fill the role of Jake Fromm if not surpass it. Transfer QBs just got an edge to them so let’s see if it holds true.”

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It was interesting to hear what a few of Jamie Newman’s future teammates had to say about him coming to Georgia. (Joe Robbins/Getty Images)/Dawgnation)

Arik Gilbert: His thoughts on what UGA is building

There was a chance earlier this month to chat with 5-star LSU signee Arik Gilbert this month out at The All-American Bowl in Texas.

Gilbert is a solid interview and he already shared his honest take about why he didn’t choose Georgia. He suffered an injury at that event, but is already enrolling early at LSU.

He touched on several topics that pertain to Georgia. What he had to say on subjects like Jermaine Burton, Darnell Washington and Kelee Ringo was highly interesting. Especially since he knows or has some sort of relationship or connection to all of those guys.

And if we’re being honest, he was also one of the most important targets for Georgia’s 2020 recruiting efforts at this time a year ago. He was a teammate for several months with Burton and also got to know Ringo and Washington very well during their interactions and outright competition alongside one another at prospect camps.

Here’s what he had to say on the following subjects:

1) Jermaine Burton: “He is just going to be great,” he said. “A great addition to the receiving core. I mean I wish he was with us (at LSU) but I mean I feel like he will do great things down there at Georgia, too. Especially with the opportunity to come in right there at receiver.”

He did want to see Burton remain with the LSU program, but Georgia pulled off the late flip.

“I feel him though because it is a better opportunity for him there at Georgia,” Gilbert said. “That’s what I think. Lot of room to come in and play early.”

Burton’s decision was largely about coming back home to play in front of family in the state of Georgia.

“I feel that about him because basically his whole entire high school career he’s been out of Georgia,” Gilbert said. “It moved him everywhere. I remember he was at Marietta but they told him he couldn’t play right away in Georgia so he had to go somewhere else for his last two years of high school. So that’s why he had to move to California. So I understand why he would want to come back home.”

2) Darnell Washington: “Man, I think that will open a lot of stuff from what that they were showing they were doing with the offense and tight ends last year with me,” Gilbert said. “I know they are going to be able to use him in a different way like they were going to be able to use me.”

He found it to be “crazy” how Washington at UGA will now be able to show future prospect’s things that he was hoping to see on the field. Not just projected or schemed up on the board.

“I was just thinking about that,” he said. “It was just like closer to National Signing Day it just seems like they got all kinds of great offensive players out of nowhere. It will be interesting to see what they do in the future.”

3) 5-star CB Kelee Ringo: “Kelee. That’s my boy. Definitely a lockdown rocker. Georgia already has those but I mean everyone needs more. You need a lot of corners, true, to deal with these offenses today. I guess that means Georgia is getting one step closer.”

“I love the competition with him. He loves it, too. As a player, you can just tell by that what type of person and player he is going to be.”

“When you are that big and are running a 4.3 [in the 40] then you can play whatever position in the secondary that you want to. That’s what I see and then his technique is off the charts, too.”

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