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Jordan Allen is a valued CB target for Georgia in the 2022 cycle.

Jordan Allen: “Lockdown” CB breaks down that nickname and a strong interest in UGA

Want to attack every day with the latest UGA football recruiting info? That’s what the Intel brings. This entry is an introduction to a very talented Class of 2022 DB target in Jordan “Lockdown” Allen out of Louisiana. 

Put the name Jordan “Lockdown” Allen in a group of the most intriguing prospects for Georgia in the 2022 cycle. He’s a cornerback prospect, but rates as a safety on the 247Sports Composite rankings. He’s talented enough to likely do both.

That defensive back position certainly requires a re-up for the Bulldogs in this cycle.

The Bulldogs offered him on January 21. It is intriguing to see he has kept the tweet announcing his UGA offer pinned to the top of his Twitter page. It went up shortly after he got that offer. It has not moved.

“I feel like it was one of the first big schools or big-type schools to take a shot on me and it really meant a lot to me before all those other schools started tagging along,” Allen said.

Prospects are recruited for their ability to play the game. Not just to look good in shorts or a photoshoot. He can certainly play. He knows how many catches he gave up in 2020.

“That number is zero,” Allen said. “At all. Nobody caught a pass on me all year.”

That will include the recent LSU commit A.J. Johnson. Johnson was also a target for UGA in the 2022 cycle.

“Most of the times teams leave me alone but when I played against Newman and A.J. Johnson he was like the top receiver in our state,” Allen said. “He’s a 4-star and they tried to target him 15 times and they had zero completions. Zero catches. I was on him all night.”

Allen had decided recently he was ready to make his decision on March 13. He now feels that is not the right timing to make his commitment. He just wants to see all of his top schools first.

It should not be interpreted as a young man without a solid foundation in his life. He has a personal testimony to share. It is what guides his steps both on and off the field.

“I do it for God mainly,” Allen said of his motivation to excel. “He’s the one who has blessed me with these gifts and talents to show out to the people of the world. So every time I’m on the field and I get tired or worn down, I think about him and the reason why I do it. It is all to glorify him. That gives me the strength to keep going.”

The Lafayette Christian Academy star (Lafayette, La.) finds the time before every game to pray.

“It wouldn’t feel right to go play if I didn’t do that,” he said.

He’s rated as a 3-star safety, but that’s not the position most project him to play, including UGA.

“What I do best is play press-man coverage,” Allen said. “I will get in a receiver’s face. There are not many receivers that can get off the line against me.”

Jordan Allen has this posted on his Instagram account. It reflects his strong personal faith. (Jordan Allen/Instagram)

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Jordan Allen: The lowdown on “Lockdown” in 2022

He was moving toward making his decision sooner than expected. The thinking there was to wait for the NCAA to lift the dead period in April to go check out schools.

“What really sparked it off was the bigger picture right now,” he said. “I didn’t want to be left out. I’m not in a rush to commit or anything but just looking at the bigger picture and all of the DBs that certain schools are taking in 2022. I just have to be certain where the best opportunity is for me.”

Allen knows the recruiting game. If one of his top schools is only taking a certain amount of DBs this cycle, then he wants to make sure he claims one of those slots at an ideal program before losing out.

“I have a school in mind right now but I’m going to make sure that is the right decision for me,” Allen said this week. “I’m going to ask God to show me the right school and if he shows me the right school, that’s where I’m headed.”

“Lockdown” hails from Louisiana. Most Georgia fans will see that and wonder: Where is LSU in all this? Allen doesn’t have an offer from LSU.

“Everybody thinks that because I’m from ‘The Boot’ that I want that,” he said. “But that’s not really for me. It is about going to where I will have the best opportunities.”

He’s okay with that.

“That’s not my dream school,” he said. “I don’t have a dream school honestly.”

He’s not looking for a dream fit just down the road.

“If they miss out on me, that’s on them,” he said. “I’ll just go show out somewhere else and show off my real talent.”

What is he looking for in the right school?

“I’m thinking of a family-like atmosphere,” Allen said. “I just want to feel loved as a player on and off the field. I just want the coaches to be there for me without even the field being involved in it. Just being a person and stuff like that. That’s the main thing for me. I’m looking for just a great relationship with the coaches.”

He had a list of schools in mind he needed to check out when visits are back in play.

“The first school I want to go see is definitely Georgia,” Allen said with a slight pause. “Georgia Tech. Miami. LSU because it is right down the street from me. Probably Mississippi State. Those are the main ones.”

Prior to the pandemic, he had visited LSU, Miami and Mississippi State.

Which schools make him feel like he’s at the top of the board? Most of them see him as a cornerback.

“Miami, Georgia, South Carolina, Penn State, Illinois and a lot of different schools really,” he said.

Here’s a look at his top 15 Tweet below.  Look for him to eventually whittle it down to six hats on the table when he’s ready to make his decision.

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Jordan Allen is known as “Lockdown” for a very good reason. Wait until you hear that story. It is a good reflection of his mindset. (Jordan Allen/Instagram)

How does “Lockdown” Allen feel about Georgia? 

He will never forget the feeling that came with his first offer. It was from Memphis.

“My first offer was crazy,” he said. “I cried when I got it because I had always dreamed about playing college football.

The first Power 5 offer? More joy.

“It was crazy to me,” he said. Because I see like these schools on TV playing every Saturday and just to get that opportunity at the next level was mind-blowing to me.”

Georgia was approximately his 16th offer. That count is likely up to 30 by now.

“Getting the Georgia offer was literally unmatched,” he said. “When I got the offer and I heard it out of the coach’s mouth I was literally in tears. Like an instant burst of tears. Felt crazy to get that one, too. Georgia is a very good program. They’re always among the top schools in the country.”

He loves the look of red and black. Georgia has been building a relationship with Allen back to last September. Allen had five interceptions and 60 solo tackles in 2020.

Receivers coach Cortez Hankton recruits Louisiana for the Bulldogs. He’s been talking to Allen for some time.

“He said he loves the way I play and said I was physical and said I would be a great fit for their program early,” Allen said. “So when he pulled the trigger, my mind was really blown.”

Georgia is communicating with Allen every day, he said.

“We have a really tight relationship,” Allen said. “They said you can play anything over here. Safety. Corner. Whatever you want to play, you got it. They just tell me how I fit into the program.”

That attention endured the transition at defensive backs coach from Charlton Warren to Jahmile Addae.

“Coach Addae is a real good guy,” Allen said. “He and I really connect on a whole another level. He’s cool with my parents and everything. So it is like a really tight relationship. It really didn’t change anything with Coach Warren recruiting me and leaving to go coach at Indiana.”

Allen feels the way Georgia recruits him is uncommon.

“The way that they talk to me,” he said. “I never really had that. They send scriptures every morning and stuff like that. It is a very spiritual-type vibe. I grew up in a Christian school so getting that every morning is really different because I don’t really get that from a lot of people.”

His father owns a business and he wants to major in business in college.  He reports a 3.4 grade-point average on his Twitter profile, too. Kirby Smart has even been in on the recruiting process.

“He loves my mental part of the game,” Allen said. “He says he loves how I understand the game and all the coverages because he is a defensive type guy. He really understands me and how I play and he really loves me.”

Jordan Allen recently honored his mother on her birthday recently on his Twitter account. (Jordan Allen/Twitter)

Jordan Allen: Where the “Lockdown” nickname comes from?

He’s basically known as “Lockdown” in all settings.

“My high school coach started that my freshman year but it really became known this year,” Allen said.

The genesis of “Lockdown” is a good story.

“I was a freshman and I wasn’t that big,” Allen said. “I was the only freshman that wanted to guard the seniors and the juniors. Because I believe they are only going to make you better. They are going to beat you right now but they are not going to beat you every day. You will just get better every day trying to beat them in the end. I kept going against them and kept getting better and then locking them down most of the time. All of a sudden my coaches started calling me ‘Lockdown’ and that’s where that came from.”

Allen can’t recall any catches that were made on him as a sophomore in 2019. When asked what that means, he said it covers every throw down the field. Did any teams complete a bubble screen or a stop route? Maybe a few of those.

“Nobody has completed on me for more than five yards,” he said. “Not in my whole high school career.”

“Lockdown” might be an understatement. That’s something like eight targets resulting in two catches for 17 yards. “Shutdown” might be an even better nickname for this talented young man.

Check out his junior year tape below.


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