Kendall Milton on DawgNation: ‘I 100 percent feel the love from the Georgia fans’

5-star RB target Kendall Milton shares his thoughts of a few more items of interest with DawgNation.

FRISCO, Tex. — There’s a lot more to 5-star RB Kendall Milton than those five shiny stars and elite ranking.

He’s been one of the most watched recruits nationally for the last two months. When he hit four of the biggest big boys in college football with basically three weeks of official visits, it caught a lot of eyes.

Milton was at Ohio State first. That was from May 31-June 2. He then clipped off LSU, Georgia and Alabama over the next two weeks. Alabama, his last official, was completed on June 21.

Quite the whirlwind.

The reality here is he wasn’t all over the place in his recruitment. He set a top 10 back in July of 2018. Milton then moved to establish his final 4 in mid-May of this year.

There are only four schools that Milton has visited more than once. (Other than where his older brother played at Fresno State.) Those were his top four schools.

Check out the tattoo script that Kendall Milton has above his knees. Those letters convey a special connection to his older brother. (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation)

That nugget pops up in the second part of our DawgNation conversation with Milton.

Perhaps the most interesting moment came amid an exchange about the “Cali life” and the script that is tattooed over his knees.

It reads Chinese for his older brother, KaLonn, and it will reflect the bond between the two.

“I have my brother’s keeper tattooed above my knees going across,” Milton said in the above video. “That’s just my brother. He moved to Colorado so right before that I got that tattoo basically meaning that however far we are across the country we will always have that bond. We will always have each other’s back and distance can’t break that.”

Those knees will power his future in college football and beyond. Milton hopes to carry that ball beyond a degree and a major in business and entrepreneurship.

When he’s 40, he envisions a successful life with a few car dealerships to his name to sustain his livelihood. That’s quite the age 40 plan. Not just a 40-year plan.

The Bulldogs are one of his four finalists.

He even brought up the sentiment he already feels from DawgNation: “I 100 percent feel the love from the Georgia fans.”

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Kendall Milton rates as the nation’s no. 3 RB prospect for the 2020 class on the 247Sports Composite ratings. But there’s a lot more to notice here than that. (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation)

Summing up another DawgNation chat with Kendall Milton

He is set to make his college commitment on July 29. It will be between just four schools.

Milton ranks as the nation’s No. 3 RB and the No. 21 overall prospect on the 247Sports Composite ratings. He told DawgNation he posted a laser time of 4.60 seconds in the 40 at the Opening finals in Texas.

He did so at 229 pounds. That’s a good bit heavier than the 215 pounds he mostly played at during his junior season. Milton had to fight through some injuries last fall but still ran for approximately 1,300 yards on 150 carries for 27 touchdowns.

The 5-star RB has said he’s been clocked as low as 10.8 seconds in the 100 meters. He also finished up the last semester of his junior year with a 3.4 grade-point average.

He does plan to enroll early at his college choice.

What else did DawgNation chat with Milton about? Check out these topics:

  • What will take place on July 29? Will there be a big party that day to celebrate his decision?
  • If he does choose Georgia, what would be the single biggest reason why?
  • What level of interaction does he have with UGA fans on social media?
  • Which close family member does he refer to as his “guardian angel” in life?
  • What does he think about sharing a backfield with “Tank” Bigsby somewhere in major college football?
  • He’s set to move at least halfway across the country from California with his decision. Will he be good with that?
  • Which two national recruits does he feel that he is the closest to? He named two prospects that are committed to two teams in his top 4, but neither one of those guys is heading to UGA.

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