Nation’s No. 4 junior OG Andrew Raym said something very interesting about UGA

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It appears that 4-star Oklahoma OL Andrew Raym has developed a strong relationship with Georgia line coach Sam Pittman.

If Sam Pittman was looking for something unique about an offensive lineman, it seems like 4-star OG Andrew Raym could certainly bring that to the UGA depth chart.

Raym will either be an Adidas or an Under Armour All-American in football. But he will also bash the ball for his high school baseball team. He also recorded a stolen base recently.

Is Pittman the recruiter he speaks the most to right now?

“Yes, sir,” Raym said, in a matter of fact style that just drips how any offensive lineman would answer that topic.

Raym, it must also be noted, does rank as the No. 1 prospect in Oklahoma for the class of 2020.

Andrew Raym is a two-time All-American. His Broken Arrow (Okla.) team went 13-0 and won a state championship in 2018. (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation)

A few more things of note on Andrew Raym 

Raym plays a lot of tackle for Broken Arrow High in Oklahoma. He has that good step and good feet and quickness.

He will project to the interior on Saturdays.

It will be very interesting to see where he fits in regarding a few other names like Cooper Mays, Sedrick Van Pran and Akinola Ogunbiyi in this class. Those are two upper echelon targets for a Bulldogs OL class that might go 2-3 tackles and 2-3 combo interior OLs in this cycle.

Don’t look for him at G-Day. His name will not populate the early G-Day visitor’s list for DawgNation. 

He said not to expect any spring officials for him. He has those baseball games and stolen bases total to add to along a 55-game regular season. Somehow he will play 45 of those at home.

“I plan on all my officials to be on game days [in the fall] but I do plan on getting out to a few places in June,” he said.

Raym said Georgia had done enough to earn an official visit back in January. It will be interesting to see if he shows up in Athens in June.

If he does, it will be to see a fellow who was born in El Reno of their common state. That’s about 145 miles from where Raym lives. But the Georgia O-line coach grew up much closer to where he lives than that.

“His hometown is near where I’m from,” Raym said. “Little small towns.”

What have those chats been like so far this year?

“Mostly casual,” Raym said while describing their chats with DawgNation in January. “We always talk for a long while and we don’t talk about football when we talk. We’ll go on for hours or more just talking about life and the people in our lives and just football. Not really playing for him.”

There’s one more twist here to think about. Raym has said that Pittman doesn’t see him as a guard but more of a Cade Mays SUV or sorts for the Bulldog OL.

Isaiah Wynn has been brought up as the player parallel here.

“He sees me as a tackle and he talks quite often about the tackle he sent first round [of the NFL Draft] who was 6-foot-2,” Raym said. “He tells me he doesn’t think height is all that. He tells me he thinks my athleticism is what he wants for a tackle.”

Check out the film for the two-time All-American and Oklahoma state champion below. Those first two clips and the three or four defenders that No. 72 redirects to their hindquarters will stand out.

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