Nation’s top rising junior Bryan Bresee says one family member has UGA on top

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5-star strongside DE Bryan Bresee has found a lot to take in about UGA.

Want to attack every day with the latest UGA recruiting info? That’s what the Intel will bring at least five days a week. This update collects a few thoughts from 5-star rising junior DE Bryan Bresee about his G-Day trip.

Bresee, the nation’s No. 1 rising junior prospect on 247Sports for 2020, took trips to check out UGA in March and April.

That second trip was on G-Day. It won over at least one member of the Bresee family.

“My oldest sister, she told me that is her favorite [school] right now,” Bresee said. “I think she went to Alabama for like two weeks [for college] and she got homesick, like transferred back to go to school in Virginia. I think she was just happy to be back down South. Everyone liked it down there a lot.”

Bryan Bresee plans to start cutting down to a list of top schools later this fall during his junior year. (Jeff Sentell/

Bailey Bresee has UGA on top. That is at least a start for the Bulldogs in their quest to reel in the nation’s top player for 2020.

What did the rest of his family think?

“They are really supportive no matter where we are,” Bresee said. “They will kind of tell me how they feel about things, but they are just kind of there for support for me. When they talk about it, they always say like, ‘You will imagine every school as right next to home and we will just come to wherever you go.’

“They always tell me to pick where I want to go and they will be there.”

Why does he think his older sister now favors the Bulldogs?

“I don’t know,” Bresee said. “I just think she just loves the South. So, I think that is was cool for her to be back down in the South.”

The 6-foot-5, 280-pound rising junior hails from Maryland. That’s a state that doesn’t have spring football. So, he hasn’t been on the grind as much over the last few weeks like his peers in the Deep South.

The big Bryan Bresee takeaway from his G-Day visit

What stood out for him at G-Day?

Bryan Bresee was joined by his father, Rich (at left), at G-Day last month. (Jeff Sentell/

“I think just seeing all the fans who were there for a spring game,” he said. “It was a ton of people there and it was only a spring game. That was really cool.”

Bresee had hoped to be able to see a good representation of what a gameday crowd would look like at UGA.

Consider that done. His favorite part of the trip was checking out the improvised “DawgWalk” that snaked north of the bookstore instead of just to the right of it.

“Definitely a big deal,” he said. “That was what really stood out to me.”

Team Bresee was well-represented in Athens that day. He was joined by his parents and two of his three sisters. The 6-foot-5, 280-pound junior from Maryland is the second youngest of four siblings.

He’s taken a lot of visits over the last few months. He said that he and his family have no visits planned in the near future.

“We’ve been on a good amount of visits and I feel like my parents are ready for a break from it,” he said.

The intention is to schedule more visits for the summer, but they haven’t settled on those yet. There is the possibility he might camp at UGA.

“I have definitely thought about coming down and working out with [UGA defensive line] coach [Tray] Scott,” he said. “It would be good to see how the coaches coach.”

In an effort to maintain a balance here, Bresee said that his one sister is on the record about how she feels about UGA. His other siblings and family members have yet to make their opinions known.

What did Kirby Smart tell Bryan Bresee at G-Day?

Bresee and his family got to meet with Kirby Smart after the game. His family wasn’t able to catch up with the 2017 SEC Coach of the Year prior to the spring game.

Bryan Bresee said he got the chance to chat with Georgia coach Kirby Smart after G-Day last month. (Jeff Sentell/

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