Priority OL target Sedrick Van Pran previews his big weekend family visit

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4-star OL Sedrick Van Pran is a clear UGA priority for the 2020 class.

Want to attack every day with the latest UGA football recruiting info? That’s what the Intel today calls for a chance to catch up with elite OL Sedrick Van Pran in advance of his big weekend unofficial visit. 

Sedrick Van Pran will try to eat the nation’s No. 3 center’s share worth of chicken wings this weekend at Georgia. He hopes to see a strong showing on lemon pepper and buffalo flavors representing on the table this weekend.

“Just give me a little variety,” he said. “Maybe a little teriyaki or something there, too. Do it right.”

How many wings could he put down if receives a challenge this weekend?

“Probably about 30 or 40,” he said.

Van Pran will be at UGA this weekend for more than a chance to check out the best wings in Athens. The 4-star OL is in town as part of the big weekend cookout (Bar-B-Q or BBQ or barbecue depending on personal preference) at UGA this week.

He told DawgNation that he plans to bring up to as many as 10-12 members of his family with him this weekend, too.

The event – much like last year’s West End Zone reveal – serves as a final summer recruiting fling prior to everyone turning their attention to the main thing. That will be the season at hand for the UGA staff and all those elite prospects.

Georgia sets up as one of the final major contenders for Van Pran. The elite OL target out of New Orleans rates as the nation’s No. 106 overall prospect for 2020 on the 247Sports Composite rankings.

Van, like a lot of his peers, had a lot of RSVPs to consider for the weekend. Most of his major options have been jockeying for him to visit on the final summer weekend without football or a dead period.

Some recruits have opted not to visit anywhere. They don’t want to make any of those programs a little frosty about their plans.

“Yeah, that’s true,” Van Pran said. “Sometimes you have to hurt a couple of feelings. But I’ll be at Georgia [this] weekend for the simple fact I visited [Texas] A&M and Alabama in the last couple of months and I want to get back up to Georgia.”

“I think that it will be a fun experience.”

Van Pran will refer to Georgia line coach Sam Pittman as “Coach Pitt” in casual conversation.

His mood seemed casual in regard to the visit. Other than he hopes Georgia makes a verbal commitment to poultry with the menu.

“Hopefully they have wings,” Van Pran said. “They know I love my wings. But I just look forward to it. There is supposed to be a slip-n-slide type thing too there so hopefully, that goes well. Just [see it] as a chance to hang out with coach Pitt and coach [Kirby] Smart and coach [Cortez] Hankton and just chill out.”

What are the biggest reasons why he is still considering Georgia?

  • The school has prioritized him since offering him on June 2, 2018.
  • He likes the potential coaching relationship and fit with Pittman and his expertise
  • Location helps here: “Also just like what it is around,” he said. “Athens isn’t too far from family if I did want to go see my uncles in Kennesaw.”
  • More on the location: “Even if I wanted to go to Atlanta. That Atlanta metro area is really nice. I think that is a good pull just to be around different areas and witness different things.”
  • “I also think that Georgia is a nice play to live in as far as the way of life.”
Sedrick Van Pran was offered by UGA last summer. That was well in advance of several SEC schools. (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation)

The current Intel on Sedrick Van Pran

Van Pran is not certain about his slip-n-slide game yet. He felt he might try to go Jake Fromm with the water balloon toss, though.

Want to quickly get up to speed on Van Pran? Here’s his DawgNation dossier:

  • Has taken officials to both Oklahoma and Texas A&M. Plans to take all five officials.
  • Alabama and Georgia are in contention for two of those remaining officials.
  • Expect Van Pran to pause his recruiting process soon and focus on a state title push for Warren Easton (La.) this fall. He said not to expect him to take any mid-season officials or any officials until his team wins its last game of 2019. “I really won’t care. I’ll be focused on winning a state championship.”
  • Van Pran still plans to make a public decision at the Under Armour All-American Game at this time. “Yeah, I will go public on January 2,” he said.
  • He has felt he could be prompted to make a silent commitment to secure his spot in the class he favors down the stretch. He told DawgNation he has yet to make a decision like that at this time.
  • As stated above, he already has some family living in Metro Atlanta. He also confirmed that more members of his family are set to move to Georgia, too. But he balanced that out by saying his mother still lives in Baton Rouge.
  • Georgia has done a quality job recruiting Van Pran so far. He was in Athens for the season opener last fall. It was an impressive visit. The Bulldogs were also the first SEC team to offer. It was ahead of an eventual offer from in-state LSU by more than five months.
  • His last visit to UGA was for spring practice. When he was there, the future graphic designer was impressed by Kirby Smart’s memory. Smart asked him about his favorite song and made sure to play it at the beginning of practice that day. Van Pran noticed.
  • Van Pran stated he wants to talk to Georgia this weekend about getting scheduled for one of his last three officials.
  • If that happens, look for that to be in early December given the focus he clearly places on his upcoming high school season.
  • When his team reaches the playoffs, he will likely go dark again on social media. Van Pran already self-imposed a 31-day ban on social media this summer, too. “It was really just good for me mentally because I felt like social media was starting to be used to me for the wrong stuff. Some of the wrong stuff I didn’t want to see.”
  • He detailed why he did that. Van Pran opted to do so after seeing a lot of negative perceptions of certain schools on social media. He hopes to avoid those elements. It can only cloud his thinking on his upcoming decision.

That height and length and weight allow him to play center and guard. He’s actually getting closer to even being a spot tackle, if necessary. He did laugh at that notion.

“Yeah, coach [Sam] Pitt has talked to me about it a little bit,” Van Pran said.

Van Pran doesn’t plan on visiting any other schools this week. That’s even though the dead period will lift from July 25-July 31.

“I went to ‘Bama a couple of months ago so I definitely wanted to show Georgia some love,” Van Pran said.

The anchors for his college decision are set here. Kind of like Van Pran in his gap.

  • Technically sound position coach
  • Relationship with position coach
  • Great head coach and head coach relationship
  • Great education offered by the school
  • Possibility of winning a national championship

“But honestly though I’ve just been taking different pieces of information and looking up different things about schools,” he said. “To get my own ammunition and information about the school and not listening to what everyone else has to say.”

Van Pran said Pittman has not told him he will wait on his choice before moving on down his board for another O-line target for the 2020 class. Well, not in those exact words.

“I wouldn’t say that he has told me that he will wait for me to make a decision,” Van Pran said. “But he told me this on Day 1: He loves the type of player that I am. The spot is mine if I want it. He’s told me that from Day 1. He’s always been transparent with it.”

“He told me at the end of the day he has to do his job and fill up spots but if I decide that’s the school I want to be at then, the sport is mine. Hands down.”

The specific things Sedrick Van Pran is researching 

Van Pran can really play. He is physical and violent. Punishes guys. If you watch his tapes, he channels his aggression but it doesn’t overheat his play.

Sedrick Van Pran said he will have a large number of family members with him at UGA this weekend. (Sedrick Van Pran/Instagram)

“Burger” makes plays in the middle of snaps where he shows he can think on the fly. He is powerful and yet he also knows how to enhance that with angles, hand placement and leverage.

His GPA will also hover around in the 3.4-to-3.8 range.

He has a sharp mind. That was evident by his search for his own intel about his future options.

“I’m more than just a football player if that makes sense,” he said earlier this year. “I feel like I have a talent for art that I want to see where that goes, too. I think my major will be about graphic design so schools with art programs will always be really nice for me, too.”

Van Pran now looks now to find out how well these potential degrees will travel across the country. Will a degree from an Alabama or a Georgia help him land a job interview or a position in Colorado?

That’s his advanced line of questions right now. Not weight rooms. Or a scheme fit. Or where he might rise quickly into the two-deep.

“If I want to relocate to Houston or Georgia or Chicago can the school I went to connect me to an alumni network there to help get me a job after football?” he said. “I’ve been researching that but also the culture beyond the team? What will it be like around all the other students? What will it be like hanging around on campus? Those are the things that I have been looking at.”

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Do the family moves matter to Sedrick Van Pran?

The future graphic design major did confirm that a few more members of his family do plan to move to Georgia. But he doesn’t have a lot of the details about it.

“That is true,” he said. “It is true. However, that is just where they want to relocate. I don’t really understand what that has to do with me.”

The simple thinking there reflects how hard it is for any school to pull prized prospects out of Louisiana. 5-star RB John Emery Jr. is a prime example of that. He was committed to Georgia for about two months last year until he flipped to LSU.

“The family pulls to stay close to home is pretty strong,” Van Pran said. “My mother lives in Baton Rouge. She’s not too far from LSU. I think ultimately it will still be my decision but there will definitely be some pull factors on both sides.”

The potential lure of more family moving to Georgia is of so little concern to his decision that he hasn’t even gotten the full details about when they plan to move. Or where they plan to move to.

“I’m not moving with them,” he said. “So I never really asked. I’m not really sure where in Georgia because it doesn’t really have anything to do with me.”


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