Want to attack every day with the latest UGA football recruiting info? That’s what the Intel brings. This entry details what one vital 5-star recruiting target had to say about what new Georgia on-field coach Scott Cochran has been like recruiting for Georgia. 

Sam Pittman is the new head coach at Arkansas. James Coley now recruits and coaches ball for Jimbo Fisher at Texas A&M. Scott Fountain also followed Pittman to the SEC West. That’s all the more reason why Scott Cochran recruiting for Georgia is a very good thing.

The Bulldogs lost some of their alpha recruiters after the 2019 season. That was a core of recruiters who built recruiting classes that finished sixth, third, first, second and first (247Sports Composite ratings) over Kirby Smart’s first five full cycles in Athens.

Cochran – long known as a player favorite during his time as the strength coach at Alabama – has been a tireless and effective recruiter in his first year at UGA.

He hasn’t been on the trail much yet due to the pandemic. He will be quite the asset walking the halls or showing up on a practice or Friday night field anywhere in the South, but especially Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana.

But he has been burning up the wi-fi and video conferences for the Bulldogs. When DawgNation asked priority 5-star target Amarius Mims about Cochran and his recruiting, he had a lot to say.

Is he the same passionate and impressionable “Coach Yeah” that we’ve seen over the years in all those ESPN specials highlighting the best of the Crimson Tide?


“Oh, man,” Mims said. “That’s my guy.”

For starters, he said that he hears from Cochran just about every day. Cochran and Luke have been an effective one-two punch for the Bulldogs with the nation’s No. 2 OT prospect.

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It should be entertaining to see those first few on-field practice clips with Cochran’s booming voice greeting Bulldogs during their pre-practice stretches in the fall. (Georgia Football/Twitter)/Dawgnation)

Scott Cochran: What is he like as a recruiter?

Ask Mims that question in the big font up above. His reply will begin with the biggest of smiles.

“We talked last night,” Mims said last week. “He had me laughing, man. I love coach Cochran. That’s my guy.”

Here’s an interesting twist: Mims went on a visit to ‘Bama in early 2020. Cochran was just rolling and repping the Tide then.

Cochran was announced as a new member of the Georgia staff back in late February. That was after serving for 13 years as the strength and conditioning coach at Alabama.”

“It was crazy,” Mims said. “My Dad and I were with each other. We see this thing where it says that coach Cochran goes to Georgia. I was like … I was just there like last weekend or two weekends ago. There is no way this man is going to Georgia.”

It wasn’t long at all before Cochran reached out to Mims. Except for this time, it was as a member of the Georgia staff.

“He was talking like ‘I am coming after you for Georgia now’ and I was like ‘Oh man’ and ‘This is so crazy and wild’ with all of that,” Mims said.

If Cochran can help Luke bring Mims to Georgia, that would be a novel feat as his secondary recruiter. What could he do with Louisiana 5-star Maason Smith or California 5-star Korey Foreman?

Here’s an easy prediction: The more upper-echelon prospects who call Cochran “my guy” the better the Georgia 2021 recruiting class will turn out to be. He will have to replace the load carried on the trail the past few years by Coley and Pittman, among others.

His official title is as special teams coordinator, but that role will allow him to recruit both sides of the ball for the Bulldogs. That’s because Kirby Smart values special teams for what it truly is: An important third of the game.

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Scott Cochran (center) enjoys a food truck day with UGA recruiting office staffers Angela Kirkpatrick (left), Logan Reed (back) and Katie Turner (front right) in this photo shared on Twitter recently. (Katie Turner/Twitter)/Dawgnation)


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