Sentell’s Intel: The nation’s No. 1 player Trevor Lawrence sees Jacob Eason as a blueprint for what he might be at UGA

5-star QB Trevor Lawrence was one of the biggest visitors at UGA on Saturday at the Auburn game.

When Trevor Lawrence watches Georgia, he pays attention to Jacob Eason.

It is more than a quarterback thing. When he sees Eason, the nation’s No. 1 player for 2018 gets a good look at what could potentially be in store for him at UGA. The 5-star QB knows Eason — to some extent — as they met when he visited UGA earlier this year.

“I haven’t talked to him in awhile, but it is good to watch him play because I feel he and I are similar-type players,” Lawrence said after his most recent visit to UGA.

Eason and Lawrence are individuals. This isn’t a comparison despite those similarities. The point is Eason serves as a guidepost of sorts as Lawrence compares a potential “Between the Hedges” fit to an alternate setting in Death Valley.

That’s to be expected. Lawrence said his Top 2 still remains Clemson and Georgia. That’s presented in alphabetical order.

Some might think that Eason’s presence hurts the program chance with Lawrence. I just don’t see it that way. It actually shows him just how the program would use him in Jim Chaney’s offense.

Clemson can put stuff up on the board, but they can’t do the same thing with Heisman Trophy contender DeShaun Watson.

What else did Lawrence say after Saturday’s trip?

He said the trip wasn’t stressful. He deemed it “fun.” That’s despite the weight of a decision that I feel won’t arrive until 2017.

“The game atmosphere” is what he will remember the most about the Auburn game.

What sort of pitch did UGA coach Kirby Smart and offensive coordinator Jim Chaney have? Well, there wasn’t any prolific “Jerry Maguire” speech that would win over any living room.

That’s the Hollywood version. Recruiting on game weekends is generally not like that.

Those gentlemen had a big game to win and then celebrate with a stacked lineup card of other key prospects in town. Several recruits got to see the Bulldogs let loose and relish the victory in the locker room afterward.

But Smart did find some time for Lawrence after the Auburn win. That’s part of his quest to collect the best set of young arms the state of Georgia has likely seen (counting the prolific Jake Fromm ) since the group Bobby Cox and John Schuerholz assembled for the Atlanta Braves in 1995.

What does Lawrence remember that the coaches told him along that visit?

“Not really anything specific,” Lawrence said. “Just the fact they want me and that’s pretty much it.”

That Eason blueprint goes beyond wavy hairstyles. Both are big and pro-style passers. Both rated at the very top of their recruiting classes. Yet Eason was never rated No. 1 overall.

Both seem like Lebrons. That’s a term for a young player who has been talked up for years. But they measure up to all that hype. Maybe they even overdeliver on all the buzz.hat is pretty rare these days.

That seems pretty rare these days.

Producing as the nation’s No. 1 player should

Lawrence rates as a 5-star and the nation’s No. 1 overall prospect for 2018. Those traits, by default, make him the nation’s No. 1 quarterback for his class. That’s a perfect storm of interest for those paid to document his recruiting story.

The ears for news hounds cannot perk up any higher than for something like that.  The Cartersville junior also looks like a 6-foot-6 future billboard for a college program. Mention his name in the same sentence with the term “NFL Draft” and wait for a reaction.

Those who know the game don’t raise an eyebrow. They nod.

Lawrence has completed 64 percent of his passes this fall for 2,992 yards, 40 TDs and nine interceptions. He’s 37-1 across three seasons as a starter. That’s the biggest stat, but Lawrence already has 9,619 career passing yards for 109 touchdowns and 20 interceptions. That’s despite sipping mostly Gatorade after halftime.

His Hurricanes have now won 26 straight games. If he stays healthy, every significant Georgia high school career passing record should eventually have his name next to it.

The only guy I can compare him to

Want an apples-to-apples comparison? I saw future NFL No. 1 Draft pick Jameis Winston play about 15 games during his prep career in Alabama. Both are big confident guys. Huge throws. They both seem to seek out and crush the big moments.

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