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Terrion Arnold is the nation's No. 2 safety prospect on 247Sports.

Terrion Arnold: Nation’s No. 2 safety shares the two things he likes best about UGA

Want to attack every day with the latest UGA football recruiting info? That’s what the Intel brings. This entry runs back a recent conversation with All-American Bowl selection (and major UGA target) Terrion Arnold

Terrion Arnold pushed his top 11 out recently. That’s the official statement on his recruiting process.

The reality for the nation’s No. 2 safety (pure 247Sports evaluation) is he’s working a much smaller pool of contenders through his mind. Georgia, along with a few others, is still one of those fortunate schools.

That was one of the big takeaways from a recent chat with Arnold after he was honored as an All-American Bowl choice recently by NBC Sports. For starters, that was a great day for Arnold and the Pope John II Catholic program.

That program was almost a non-entity about two years ago. When the spring meeting for those interested in playing football was held not long ago, the majority of attendees showed up for the drinks and pizza.

“It is a real big accomplishment,” Arnold said on the long-time dream realized. “I look forward to playing in the game and getting ready to compete.”

He was the kid watching the TV and saying that was going to be him on that screen one day. It will be.

A quick need-to-know story on Terrion Arnold 

Arnold wears No. 11. That’s because he sat down one day and thought up 11 core reasons of why he plays football. He still has that piece of paper.

“It was basically all the reasons to count me in as a player again,” he explained. “My sophomore year I was big coming up on the recruiting in my state. I had dominated the whole summer and was ready for a breakout game.”

Then football happened. He broke his ankle on the fourth play of his sophomore season.

“I just watched everybody and everything around me just kind of disappear,” he said. “Folks said I was not going to be the same. I was transferring to a new school that nobody really knew about.”

Another one of his 11 reasons is to “trust the process” with his development. Arnold is a bonafide worker who doesn’t rest on his God-given athletic ability.

“The most important one of those reasons would be faith,” Arnold said. “Faith in the Lord and the Holy Spirit. But faith without works is dead.”

He used to watch that play where he broke his ankle over and over. He no longer needs to.

“I rewind it in my head now,” he said. “I just sit back and think I never would have thought before I played that game that one play would change my life forever.”

If he doesn’t break that ankle, he’s a different player.

“I think I had gotten too comfortable,” he said.

He’s not comfortable anymore. He wakes up every day, has an early morning workout, goes to school, practices, and then goes home to watch how he did in practice that day.

“That is not a want for me to do that every day,” he said. “That is a must.”

Arnold does that every day.

“I’ve been going very very hard in practice,” Arnold said. “I think a lot of people will see a different person on film. I really want to make that push to show I’m the best defensive back in the class. This is a pretty big year for me.”

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