Elite TE target Theo Johnson still thinking hard about a potential fit in Athens

Theo Johnson-UGA recruiting-Georgia recruiting
Theo Johnson is a major Georgia target. He's the top-rated player in Canada for the 2020 cycle.

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Arik Gilbert. Darnell Washington. Theo Johnson.

But he has no idea right now with his decision. If he could, this thing would have been done by July’s fireworks. It has grown tiring and he shared a good story for what he’s been going through.

There was that one time he was chatting with a coach, but he had to let him go to study for an exam.

“The next thing you know everyone on staff is texting me saying ‘Hey good luck’ and I’m like that’s not helping me,” Johnson said at The Opening. “Like, I know you are wishing me good luck but that’s not going to help me or make me stay focused.”

Theo Johnson now plans for a series of back-to-back visits to ultimately shape his decision. (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation)

The things to remember about Theo Johnson 

His father, Nathaniel Johnson, was a receiver in the NFL and the Canadian Football League. He was drafted in the seventh round by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1980.

He logged one season with the New York Giants in 1980 and went on to catch 64 catches for 1,003 yards and 10 touchdowns across three ensuing seasons in the CFL.

Johnson begged his mother, Amy, for years to play. She relented when he was seven years old. Johnson played up in a league with his older brother. He was much bigger than kids his age, but the 7-year-old rookie still earned the league MVP trophy that season.

“It is a weird feeling to describe but it clicked right away,” Theo Johnson said.

He wraps his life around his family. There’s just his mother and five brothers. One of his two older brothers plays football at Buffalo. He has three younger brothers.

They are all “super close.”

Theo Johnson spent his spring break visiting colleges. Not sandy beaches. He even brought his younger brothers along. For a good reason. (Theo Johnson/ Twitter)

“For my spring break, everybody in my high school was out in the Dominican Republic and Punta Cana,” he said. “But I decided I wanted to visit colleges. I brought all of my little brothers with me. I just wanted to be able to show them that when you work hard and follow your dreams, then this is what you can achieve.”

He aspires to set a path for them.

“I just want them to know they deserve everything that’s coming for them, too,” he said. “We’ve been through a lot together but I’m definitely a big family man. For sure.”

Ann Arbor is 50 minutes away. Does that lend an eventual edge to the Michigan Wolverines?

“Close to home or far from home is really not a deal-maker or a deal-breaker for me,” he said. “It is really all about where I feel the most comfortable at.”

Johnson expanded on that. Did he ever.

Maybe Al Pacino had better lines for speech time in “Any Given Sunday.” Maybe.

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