UGA assistant Sam Pittman proving to be an ace recruiter, despite the demise of his spandex sweatpants

New UGA offensive line coach Sam Pittman wears the pants.

This is a story about pants.

A tale involving first-year UGA offensive line coach Sam Pittman, a pair of sweatpants and the easy way he can instantly establish bonds on the recruiting trail.

Pittman, according to every recruit who has met him, has been a Mickey Mantle-sized 565-foot home run on the recruiting trail. Everyone has their own Pittman story that ends with somebody slapping their knee.  

“There’s a lot of them,” Pace Academy junior offensive tackle Andrew Thomas, the No. 9 offensive tackle in the country, said.

The man has gotten some miles out of making sure recruits know all about his haircut, his free-and-easy smile and the way he instantly connects with recruits.

Then there’s his name.

Pittman quickly links the name Sam Pittman with Hollywood mogul and ladies man Brad Pitt. He’s Brad Pittman.

Brad Pittman had a pair of sweatpants. Had.

“He’s going to kill me when he hears about this,” said Jamaree Salyer, the No. 1 offensive guard in the country and Thomas’ teammate at Pace Academy. “One day we were sitting out there watching him at spring practice and he comes out there with these like spandex sweatpants on.”

Thomas: “No, jogging pants.”

Salyer: “I was like ‘Coach you are too told to have a pair of tight spandex pants like those on. I start in on him and getting on him.”

Pittman: “I’m Brad Pitt. You didn’t know I was Brad Pitt.”

Hilarity ensued for a moment. Then Pittman was off to whip up the 2016 offensive line.

Pace sophomore offensive guard Jamaree Salyer got a kick out of what Pittman wore at spring practice one day. (Jeff Sentell / AJC)

Fast forward to April 15. That’s the first day of the evaluation period on the recruiting trail. Salyer gets a message to Pittman inquiring about  those pants.

The reply Salyer got back? He threw them away. The reason? If they might lose him a recruit, he’ll burn them.

“I guess he won’t be wearing those again,” Salyer said.

Thomas and Salyer both say Pittman is a major reason why they think very highly of playing together at UGA.

“Coach Pittman is a hilarious dude,” Thomas said. “He can be a clown when he wants to. I can’t imagine him and Netori (Johnson) together in the same meeting room. That will be hilarious.”




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