UGA football: Despite another harrowing loss, key recruit offers up boundless optimism

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What did a few key 2019 recruits take away from yet another bitter loss to Alabama?

Want to attack every day with the latest UGA football recruiting info? That’s what the Intel brings at least four days a week. This entry will address the post-SEC championship game thoughts for a few key 2019 recruits, most notably elite safety Lewis Cine


Hangover? There’s a cloud over a lot of Bulldogs this morning. Any and all possible silver linings are painted over in Crimson.

Lewis Cine, one of the team’s top 2019 recruits, felt the opposite of all of that last night.

The nation’s No. 3 safety didn’t feel listless or beaten.

He was the picture of a resilient youth.

“Rebuild and chase perfection,” he said as he started to convey a well-thought-out chronicle of his emotions after 35-28.

He felt the way he looks on tape covering this kickoff.

“The question isn’t can Georgia keep up and ball with Alabama?” he wrote. “Nah, that’s not it. Because no doubt in my mind we definitely can. The question is how can we chase perfection and what can make us the absolute best team we can be. To outwork yesterday and the past!”

His words conveyed nothing but hope and optimism.

“It is all in who believes and buys into what UGA is building,” he added.

There are plenty of Bulldogs who feel the same way. Everyone just wants to work so they can “eat” these days. Cine is ready to eat.

“Ain’t no love lost for UGA even in a loss,” Cine stated.

“I’m only ready to arrive on campus to work and be put in the right spots to help chase the goal of perfection. Then everything else will take care of itself.”

How others in the 2019 UGA football class feel today 

It will take a class of Cines every year to finally knock out Alabama. That’s how good the Tide has been.

Saban’s bunch has now pulled the football away from DawgNation’s hopes and dreams in 2012 and two times in 2018.

“I’m more excited to be a Bulldog,” 4-star DL commit Bill Norton said after the loss.

Rian Davis was proud of the way the Bulldogs played on Saturday night. (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation)

A lot of folks may want to box that 35-28 over into that corner of their cortex with 26-23 and be done with it. They’ll wait for that dreary night to only be recalled within the bars of another hopeful Corey Smith song.

2nd-and-26? Fourth-and 11? 2018 wasn’t the year. Clearly.

Cine is not the only recruit ready to work to give the program the glory of a blissful down and distance trigger.

Rian “Trouble” Davis still plans to take an official visit to Alabama next weekend.

He will also take his UGA official later this month on the final weekend before the early signing period. A planned trip to Arizona State is no longer on his radar.

Davis has been one of the strongest commits in the 2019 class. Still is. What did he think about 35-28?

“I was proud of how they played,” Davis said of the UGA team.

He plans to enroll early. Davis also feels that it would be great to play in a game like that.

He also believes it will be great to help UGA one day finally break through and win a game like the trilogy of moments Alabama has now stacked up on the Bulldogs.

The 2019 UGA football class continues to weigh in

The replies came in from all over the map. The 4-star RB from South Florida offered a prediction.

“Georgia is going to be great,” 4-star RB Kenny McIntosh said. “Watch.”

The versatile 4-star ATH from Louisiana simply broke down the game.

“I thought it was a good game,” Makiya Tongue said. “The only thing is that we just need to keep consistency and don’t allow them to get their momentum back like that.”

“But it obviously shows that UGA is the only team that can beat Bama.”

John Rhys Plumlee, currently the only QB commit in the class, had a tough life this weekend. He saw his current team fall in the Mississippi state championship game.

Then he saw his future team lose that 14-point lead.

“Well, of course, you’re kicking yourself after that game because of the two-touchdown lead, but Alabama is a pretty dang good team so you gotta be able to capitalize on drives later in the game,” Plumlee said.

The seriously fast QB also showed that he was eager to see a rematch in 2019.

“I believe if we were given another opportunity to play them we would come out on top,” Plumlee said. “As Coach Smart said, they don’t want to play us again.”

Ryland Goede, the 4-star TE recruit from Kennesaw Mountain, has a maturity beyond his years and his ACL injury rehab.

“Ah, man it’s gut-wrenching,” Goede stated when asked about the game last night.

His first thoughts were to the guys who have already welcomed him into that family of players.

“Yeah, it is tough and hard to watch but it’s even harder after creating relationships with a lot of those guys,” he said. “I feel for them em but I know they’ll bounce back next year and I can’t wait to do it with them.”

Zion Logue is already right at the 6-foot-6 mark and weighs in at 288 pounds. (Jeff Sentell?DawgNation)

Zion Logue, the 3-star DE who could be this year’s Jordan Davis, summed up the loss by what he saw on the field.

Logue would man a position that saw too many big Alabama gains trample through the gut on the defense.

That has been the only underserved area of a pair of prolific back-to-back Bulldog recruiting classes.

“Man, honestly we came up short but I feel like we don’t have enough to rotate against Bama,” Logue said. “But if we get a little depth at every spot in the defense we are gonna something to mess with.”

Somehow it all comes back to recruiting. It never stops.

That’s the one area of Georgia football where the last-minute results have not left the fan base feeling like it was trampled by yet another runaway elephant wearing Hobnails.


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