UGA target returns from official visit to Big Ten

Tremayne Anchrum

One of UGA’s remaining recruit targets made his first official visit over the weekend.

Tremayne Anchrum, a 3-star offensive lineman from McEachern, traveled to Nebraska, and the trip appeared to have served its purpose.

Though the Cornhuskers lost to BYU on the final play of the game, Anchrum’s father said it still was a good experience.

“It helped him a lot more when he saw the team when they lost,” his father, Tremayne Anchrum, Sr., told the AJC. “Everyone is all pats-on-the-back when the team wins, but when you have a tough loss like that, you see the character of the players and how they react.”

Anchrum, Sr. says it was an important takeaway for his son, who doesn’t overly focus on the cosmetics.

The 6-foot-3, 268-pound guard is scheduled to take two more official visits — UGA on Sept. 12 and Colorado on Oct. 5. Anchrum plans to commit on Oct. 12. Until then, though, his father cautions against reading too much into one visit.

“All these trips are supposed to be eye-opening,” said Anchrum, Sr. “When you go on unofficials in the summer, you never get a chance to go to the games, you never get a chance to feel the atmosphere, you never get a chance to stay overnight.”

Anchrum, Sr. expects that his son’s visit to UGA later this month will introduce aspects of the program he hasn’t seen before, either. Only then will he be able to compare and contrast.

“That was his first official visit,” Anchrum, Sr. said. “It wasn’t like he had two others to compare it to.”

His father tells the AJC that they’ve yet to schedule his final two official visits, but he maintains that it’s quite possible they don’t use them.

Anchrum is rated as the No. 41 recruit in the state. One of his best friends is McEachern’s Julian Rochester, the 5-star defensive tackle who is committed to UGA.

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