Javon Bullard is now a committed Georgia Bulldog.

DawgNation chronicled his commitment story and also broke down why nobody needs to pull a “Karen” or go clutching pearls over his 3-star status and No. 720 overall ranking

His head coach at Baldwin High believes in him. Jesse Hicks shared his thoughts earlier this week with what appears to be a definitive quote about all things Bullard.

“He pretty much runs the gamut,” Hicks said. “He’s what you want in a teammate. He’s what you want in a son. He’s what you want as a student-athlete. He’s what you want in a person. He’s one of those guys that I think I would let date my daughter. He’s one of those types of kids.”

The better phrasing here might be quotes from Hicks. Plural. Check out these two from Hicks.

“The first time I met him he was in the eighth grade,” Hicks said. “This is going to sound crazy but I go back to his eighth-grade year coming in as a freshman.”

Hicks makes an annual trip to meet the future rising freshmen players for his program. When he met the young man, he said he was mesmerized.

“I remember walking in and seeing him as a guy who gave you immediate eye contact,” Hicks said. “You don’t get that from most kids. He was looking me in my mouth waiting for every word like it was about to fall out of my mouth. You just don’t catch too many kids like that. I remember talking to him that day and I felt like I was talking to an adult.”

Those little snippets certainly look good on a web page. But you know what? DawgNation’s weekly “Before the Hedges” viewers every Wednesday night got to see exactly what Hicks was talking about. Bullard was the special guest.

Hicks wasn’t kidding.

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Javon Bullard: We learned more about him on “Before The Hedges” 

Bullard aspires to study mass communications at UGA. He wants to play ball, but sooner or later he aims for a career path in broadcasting.

It was easy to see why on Wednesday night. Several DawgNation viewers commented that he quickly became one of their all-time favorite guests on the weekly program.

Bullard shared his views on the following:

  • The unusual thing he does before games for motivation 
  • Why that 3-star status doesn’t weigh him down
  • Why he chose Georgia
  • How his recruiting changed drastically when UGA offered in May
  • His thoughts on why Kirby Smart is funny and “has soul” 
  • What his Baldwin High coaches have meant to him so far
  • What it was like choosing Georgia having never visited the campus or seen a game 

The 3-star prospect projects to be a safety for UGA. He’s already graduated from high school and is working on his associate’s degree at Baldwin High this year.

He’s just a very well-rounded young man heading to Athens. Make sure to check out the featured video embedded at the top of the page and get to know him yourself.


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