Watch: UGA signee Mecole Hardman, Jr. pulls off impressive weight-lifting feat

Mecole Hardman, the nation's No. 1 athlete for 2016, just did something very athletic.

Remember the ice bucket challenge?

Well, there’s a much more interesting one among future Georgia football players. It all started when UGA running back target Brian Herrien posted a video on Twitter. Herrien, who now only needs to finish with all As in the classroom to qualify for a UGA scholarship offer, shared a video of his 135-pound snatch. That’s a very pedestrian feat except for the fact he accomplished it with one hand.

The weight is not the big deal there, but the ability to steady the weight and explode off the ground to power above his head is an uncommon effort.

Well, that heave from Herrien finally got the attention of the speed demon among the Class of 2016 at UGA. That would be one Mecole Hardman, Jr.

Hardman pondered the feat and tried it for himself. He recorded his effort and it does qualify as a clean lift. It seems like exactly the sort of thing the nation’s No. 1 athlete could do besides run very fast, elude tacklers and score touchdowns.

Herrien’s lift was extremely impressive, but Hardman matched that despite being about 40 pounds lighter than the 210-pound running back.  When taking into account that Hardman can clock 4.3 seconds in the 40-yard dash and snatch 135 pounds over his head with one hand, it will surely draw several retweets.

Hardman projects to primarily play cornerback at least at the outset at UGA. That said, look for a package or two with him on offense, too. He’s simply too skilled with the ball in his hands to not get the chance to create explosive plays.

DISCLAIMER: Kids — Please don’t try this at home.


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