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Jeff Sentell / AJC
The father of Jamyest Williams shared his thought on who leads for his son at this time. It wasn't the school he is currently committed to.

Where will Jamyest Williams wind up? His father named a current leader

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Jamyest Williams wore a Georgia wristband to The Touchdown Club of Atlanta 2016 Awards banquet on Thursday evening.

Was that a hint? Maybe. DawgNation levied its prediction as to where he might end up earlier today. 

The 4-star South Carolina commitment just visited UGA this weekend. His father paid for that visit out of his own pocket. The nation’s No. 8 cornerback prospect will visit South Carolina this weekend.

Williams has asked media members to respect his privacy and belay interview requests until National Signing Day next Wednesday.

DawgNation honored that and instead asked his father JJ Williams about where his son stands right now going into that critical South Carolina official visit this weekend.

His answer was clear and to the point.

“The most honest thing I can say right now is if the decision was today and today was the day he had to make his decision I think he would be going to Georgia,” Williams said. “That’s if today was the day.”

Jamyest Williams new by Jeff Sentell 12617x
Jamyest Williams had an interesting wristband on Thursday night at The Touchdown Club of Atlanta Awards banquet. There did not appear to be a South Carolina bracelet on the opposite or the same wrist. (Jeff Sentell / DawgNation.com)

He added to that thought in a follow-up statement.

“If he had to make that decision today prior to the South Carolina official visit that’s coming up and he was not taking that visit then he would be going to UGA,” Williams said.

What does that mean? The intent seemed clear Williams feels that Georgia has gained the edge for his son heading into this weekend.

“That’s based on this past weekend and everything that has transpired over the last couple of weeks,” Williams said.

Williams said his family scheduled that last visit to South Carolina on purpose. He felt it was only right that the school he was committed to would get that last official visit.

He felt that a great South Carolina official visit could swing things back the other way.

The South Carolina side of it

His father also said South Carolina is very aware of how close the decision is now between those two schools.

“Let’s make this clear,” Williams said. “All points that I make here tonight are basically how I feel about the situation. How we are going to analyze the whole situation at the end of the day after this weekend is we are going to sit down and come to a conclusion about what we want to do based on different pros and cons from each school.”

What will it come down to? Williams said this decision will be hard for his son based on the fact he was born and raised in Georgia and in Athens. Then he will have to make a lifetime decision like this.

DeAngelo Gibbs Jamyest Williams Kirby Smart UGA visit
Jamyest Williams visited UGA last weekend. His father JJ Williams paid for that visit out of pocket. (JJ Williams / Facebook)

“How he analyzes it and what he tells me is nothing will be different between these schools he might go to but I think it is going to come down to a feeling where he can be developed the most to make it to the next level,” Williams said.

Those comments were part of an interesting round of conversations held Thursday night at the Touchdown Club of Atlanta banquet.

A lot of those centered on Williams.

Poole’s offer

UGA commit William Poole III has told DawgNation he wanted to wear No. 1 for the longest time. He committed back in April and probably has that right to No. 1 out of the incoming class.

Poole told me Thursday night he’d gladly give it for the chance to help lure Williams to play with him at Georgia.

He’d give up that No. 1 and go slip on that No. 31 jersey if that can lure Williams to Athens.

“He was saying that was huge of me,” Poole said. “He said that either was going to wear No. 1 or he might wear No. 21. He might want an NFL number. But I’m fine with either way that it goes. If he comes and wants No. 1, then I am going to get No. 31. If he comes and he wants a different number, then I will just go back to No. 1.”

That gesture made a dent with Williams.

Willliam Poole by Kelli Grizzard 12617a
Georgia commitment William Poole III made a gracious gesture to help entice Jamyest Williams to sign with UGA. (Kelli Grizzard / DawgNation.com)

“That meant a lot to Jamyest,” his father said. “But at the end of the day,  not one time did Jaymest ask for any type of jersey. He’s a team player first. At the end of the day if he had to change his number to come to Georgia then that’s what he would do.”

When the banquet ended, Georgia freshman DeAngelo Gibbs found his Grayson teammate and walked to the back of the room.

Those two had a long chat at the end of the banquet. It was clear that they weren’t talking about the molten chocolate cake that was served for dessert.

Gibbs shared his opinion about how close the decision was from his standpoint.

“I think he loves both schools and his decision is a win-win but it is a how do you decide what you want kind of thing?” Gibbs said. “Do you want a million dollars in 50-dollar bills or do you want a million dollars in 100-dollar bills?”

He felt that the decision for Williams between Georgia and South Carolina was tougher than his own choice that he made between Georgia and Alabama.





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