Regarding the Cocktail Party perhaps moving up a week …

The Bulldogs were experimenting with lots of different offensive line combinations at Tuesday’s practice. FILE PHOTO

COLUMBIA, S.C. — The possibility has been floated that the Georgia-Florida game could be moved up a week, to Oct. 22. That way, Florida could be freed to play the following week against LSU, which has a bye Oct. 29.

But is there any chance of that actually happening? This reporter briefly spoke about it with Georgia athletic director Greg McGarity on Sunday here in the Williams-Brice Stadium press box.

At first, McGarity said he just wanted to get through this game – itself postponed one day – and then deal with any other issues after that. SEC presidents are scheduled to meet this upcoming week, a regularly-scheduled meeting.

But McGarity did point out that the Jacksonville Jaguars are set to host a game at EverBank Field on Sunday, Oct. 23, so playing a college game there would require adding 15,000 seats the week before and then quickly taking them out.

That’s nothing to say of the many thousands of people who plan well in advance for the Cocktail Party, through hotel reservations, plane trips, etc.

In short: No, it can’t be ruled out yet. But no, it didn’t sound like anything that was imminent.

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