Rewind: The top stories from an awkward, interesting week

Greg Sankey-official statement-2020 season
Greg Sankey wrapped up his first year as SEC commissioner with some interesting things on his plate.

DESTIN, Fla. — Whether it was by accident or design, a much more serious subject than satellite camps ended up the main story this week at SEC meetings.

It didn’t make the SEC look great. It made one of its schools look worse.

When Mississippi State opted to enroll controversial five-star recruit Jeffrey Simmons, it announced it on Thursday, almost in the middle of SEC meetings. The same meetings in which the conference was strengthening its rule against admitting transfers with a history of “serious misconduct” – but not extending it to include incoming freshman. That would have prevented Simmons from coming in to MSU or any SEC school.

These are the kinds of things that become issues and distractions at a conference that otherwise has its major stuff together. Compare it to the Big 12, whose meetings were concurrent this week, and which made one momentous decisions (instituting a championship game), debated others (expansion and revenue distribution) and passed one rule (preventing an extra year of eligibility for walk-on transfers) only to reverse it a day later after an outcry.

Comparably, that was pretty heavy stuff. But the Simmons story made the SEC’s week rather serious too, on a different level, highlighted (if that’s the right word) by the intense media session with MSU athletics director Scott Stricklin, one of the more awkward ones there’s ever been here.

And it was made more awkward a day later when SEC commissioner Greg Sankey distanced himself from Mississippi State’s decision and made clear he didn’t appreciate Stricklin’s wording on one part of it.

Dan Mullen, meanwhile? This all conveniently came after he had left. 

And here we thought Hugh Freeze’s media session would carry that title. It finished second.

So again, all in all, satellite camps really that big a deal?

Here’s a look back at the week’s biggest stories, as chronicled by SEC Country’s Brandon Marcello and yours truly:


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