Small change to UGA’s football helmet

UGA is making a small tweak to its football attire for games this season.

And, no, it’s not the black jerseys (at least, not to our knowledge).

The UGA football equipment department tweeted out a photo of this year’s helmets this week.

The small change? On the back of the helmets, the “Georgia” sticker has been replaced by a three-dimensional bumper, which is billed to provide a “crisp look.” The 3D bumpers are a growing trend in the NFL and NCAA.

You’ll probably only notice the subtle change if you’re watching the game on HDTV.

Now back to those beloved black jerseys: Despite pleading from a few of UGA’s star players, coach Kirby Smart has resisted the temptation so far. Some Bulldog fans would like to see the team wear them in the Notre Dame game.

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