Jake Fromm-Georgia Football-UGA-SEC
Georgia quarterback Jake Fromm celebrates with fans.

Sound Off: Chip and Seth talk ‘eye tests,’ Bon Jovi and even college football

ATHENS — Thanks for tuning in to the Zaxby’s Sound Off, where beat writers Seth Emerson and Chip Towers offer their thoughts on the Georgia football team. Each week your DawgNation writers offer up some thoughts on the Bulldogs – and this week we review yet another resounding win, this time over Florida, and what it means for the stretch run.

Georgia is now squarely in the hunt for a national championship, with the initial playoff rankings announced Tuesday night – although Chip and Seth show why they don’t matter as much.

Chip and Seth did discuss the rankings and where we would put Georgia and why. But both of us show why we would have ranked Georgia No. 1, at least this week.

We also project what might or might not happen between now and the final, most important playoff rankings. Yes, the fun phrase “eye test” is mentioned a few times. But one of us is skeptical whether the loser of the SEC championship game will still be able to make the playoff. Another one of us thinks Georgia fans need to keep an eye on those one-loss teams in other Power 5 conferences.

Important note: Chip makes a Bon Jovi reference at one point.

Are there any potential stumbling blocks for Georgia? Could South Carolina be one? We discuss that.

Georgia isn’t playing down to the level of its competition. Will it any point? Does this team show any evidence of looking past opponents or taking its eye off the ball? Or does it realize that it is in the midst of what could be a special, historic season? Yes, we discuss that too.

We hope you enjoy this week’s show, and tune in next week too.

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