Stetson Bennett: ‘I thought we played well except for me today’

Stetson Bennett Mark Cornelison/SEC

Stetson Bennett IV was honest in assessing how he played following Georgia’s slog of a win over Kentucky.

“I thought we played well except for me today,” Bennett said. “I don’t think I played horrible, just those two passes.”

The Georgia quarterback completed nine of his 13 pass attempts on Saturday for 131 yards. The Georgia offense had just eight positions on the day due to Kentucky and Georgia relying heavily on their run games.

But the two passes Bennett referred to were both interceptions, giving him five in the last two games. And not that there is ever a good interception, but neither were good given the struggles Bennett had in the second half of the Alabam game.

“I just have to fix the things that I messed up on,” Bennett said.

The first interception came with Georgia in the redzone. Bennett had an open Jermaine Burton on a check-down. But much like he did against the Crimson Tide, Bennett had a ball get tipped by Kentucky defensive lineman Phil Hoskins. He was able to spot the ball and intercept it, making it the second week in a row where a tipped pass at the line of scrimmage has led to an interception.

More importantly, it was an interception in the redzone, taking points off the board in a game where Georgia won 14-3.

“A batted ball that he’s got to get around a guy is not a real struggle,” Georgia coach Kirby Smart said. “I know you can say happens once shame on you happens twice shame on me but it’s one of those things where he’s got to wrap the ball around it, throw it away, get another opportunity.”

And he understands that.

“We just gotta score more points,” Bennett said. “We’ll be alright, just have to have a good week of practice and be more disciplined when we come out next Saturday.”

At the beginning of the season, Bennett was praised as being a great story given all he did to become Georgia’s starter.

But after another less than stellar performance, Bennett is turning into a song that just gets played over and over again until you just end up despising a song you once enjoyed.

Smart though wasn’t changing his tune after the game and continues to make clear that when Georgia has a strong offensive output, it will be with Bennett at the helm.

“I see a lot of good things out of our offense in practice and unfortunately, we haven’t been able to see it yet,” Smart said. “A lot of that today was because of a ground and pound ball control by them and a couple of turnovers.”

Georgia football quarterback Stetson Bennett speaks after the win over Kentucky

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