WATCH: Stetson Bennett celebration speech draws strong reaction from Georgia football fans

Stetson Bennett, other UGA captains speak ahead of championship trophy presentation

ATHENS — Stetson Bennett was historically good in the national championship game, but his speech at the team’s celebration ceremony at Sanford Stadium didn’t leave all of the Georgia football audience cheering.

Bennett, less than a week removed from his six-touchdown effort in the Bulldogs’ 65-7 win over TCU, took the stage at Sanford Stadium introduced by former Georgia quarterback D.J. Shockley as the “GOAT” (greatest of all time).

Shockley, now a polished Atlanta television personality, asked Bennett what he was most proud of in front of the crowd of more than 30,000.

“The thing I’m most proud of,” Bennett began, pausing as though he was unsure of what to say next. “Man, y’all burned us, y’all kept telling us how bad we were. And we kept winning, And kept embarrassing people.

“It was 49-3 (vs. Oregon), 65-7 (vs. TCU), and y’all didn’t want to believe it Screw it, we got two rings.”

Bennett’s answer left many puzzled, as he was loved and supported by many Bulldogs’ fans the past two seasons, inking more than $1 million in NIL deals as advertisers flocked to the Cinderella story of a former walk-on turned championship quarterback.

Coach Kirby Smart and offensive coordinator Todd Monken both admitted they sold his talents short, only to come to admire his resiliency and play-making abilities as Georgia won back-to-back championships with Bennett at quarterback.

It’s true, NFL types have questioned his talents, to the extent Bennett has not been ranked among top quarterbacks in the upcoming draft, and he has yet to receive an all-star game invite.

Bennett -- wearing a red sweatshirt while the rest of the team was in matching grey CFP gear -- raised more eyebrows when asked for final words at the ceremony, seeming to imply Georgia’s success had more to do with the players, and less to do with the play calls.

Monken has been celebrated for his schemes and play calls all season and is the highest paid offensive coordinator in the nation.

“It ain’t the Xs and Os,” Bennett said, “it’s the Jimmys and Joes.”

The reaction on social media was as swift as it was divided.

Bennett left a great deal for Georgia football fans to talk about these past two seasons on the field, so perhaps it was only appropriate his parting words would be just as memorable and discussed by many.

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