About that blue jeans commercial, Mark Richt says …

Mark Richt glad-hands Miami alumni fans during a banquet at The Commerce Club in downtown Atlanta on Thursday.

So, about those blue jeans.

Mark Richt’s face turned Georgia red and he laughed out loud when asked Thursday about the “Blue Jesus Jeans” commercial from 1982. Richt had the misfortune of attending a speaking event in Atlanta on the same day a video surfaced of him doing a television modeling spot when he was an outgoing senior at the University of Miami.

“I had no recollection of it until I actually watched it. Then I realized it was me. I said, ‘Well, that was me, so I must have been there,’” Richt said, laughing all the while. “But like I told my buddy who busted my chops, a former player: He shoots it to me, you know, and I was like, ‘I don’t think I ever got paid for that gig.’ So I need to get my agent on it and see if I can get something with interest.”

Richt’s Atlanta-based agent, Mark Carmony of Career Sports and Entertainment, was standing within earshot.

“I do halfway remember it; it’s hilarious,” Richt said, still blushing. “I knew I was going to catch it. I think everybody’s mostly jealous that they didn’t get the chance.”

Richt said he doesn’t have any hard feelings about it being released and has actually had fun with it over the past 24 hours or so. He said it harkens back to a time when he wasn’t sure what he was going to do for a living. In fact, he said, it was just one of numerous jobs he did before he got into coaching.

“I mean, let’s think about it: I’ve been a model. I’ve been an actor. I’ve valeted cars,” Richt said. “I sold memberships at (gyms). I was a bartender. I cleaned bars. I can’t think of all the things I did. I worked at Publix. I worked at a restaurant. I worked, I think, at Winn Dixie for a minute. I worked at IBM from about midnight to 8. I’ve been on the assembly line, but not many people can say they were an actor and a model.”

Well, not officially until you get paid for it.

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