Changes aplenty with Georgia’s offensive line

The Bulldogs were experimenting with lots of different offensive line combinations at Tuesday's practice

ATHENS — Mark Richt wasn’t kidding about potential personnel changes to Georgia’s offensive line.

Right guard Greg Pyke, who was second-team All-SEC last year, has been benched. And only one other starter is in the same spot, judging by the lineup during the media viewing period of Tuesday’s practice.

Dyshon Sims, a sophomore, was in Pyke’s place at right guard. And while junior Brandon Kublanow remains at center, the other three spots were shuffled.

John Theus had switched from left to right tackle. Kolton Houston moved from right tackle to left guard. And Isaiah Wynn moved from left guard to left tackle.

Those are dramatic moves, but clearly Richt and the offensive coaches felt something dramatic was necessary given the struggles on the unit.

“Dyshon Sims some work, and we did a good bit of competing in the open date week, but we didn’t really follow through and change anything because we thought everybody competed well,” Richt said earlier on Tuesday. “We thought the starters did a good job. But there may be — Sims might have a chance to work his way into getting some playing time. I’m not saying he’ll start or anything like that. I mean, he could, but we’ve got a couple physical days of practice today and tomorrow that might help decide that.”

Pyke, a junior, started every game last year, and there was some thought he could enter the NFL draft after this season. But Georgia’s running game has been a struggle this year, not getting a consistent push at the line of scrimmage.

Last year Georgia used the same lineup for each of the 13 games, and with only one starter leaving (center David Andrews) only a small tweak was made this year: Kublanow moving from left guard to center and Wynn joining the lineup at left guard. But after eight games the Bulldogs have decided to try something new, at least in practice.

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