There isn't much love lost when it comes to Georgia and Florida - whether it's among the players or fans.

DawgNation fans on SEC title game: Anyone but Florida

DawgNation’s dilemma is a tough one today: Florida or Alabama?

The Gators and Crimson Tide are playing in Saturday’s SEC Championship Game in Atlanta.

What’s a Georgia fan to do? Well, we asked fans on the DawgNation Facebook page which team they would be rooting for today. And we make it extra difficult because “None Of The Above” was not allowed.

The overwhelming sentiment in our very unscientific survey after the first 400 responses was this: “Anyone but Florida.”

Here are some responses, some  have been edited for clarity, space and content.

Keith Herpy: “Hate Forida Gators and their obnoxious fans. Tired of all of the fans that Alabama suddenly has over the past few years, they only have them when they are winning. I want an SEC team in the national championship, so Alabama.”

Stephanie Mathews Moore: “Alabama. They are the most impressive team right now and have the best shot of winning the national championship. I would rather have an SEC team win it over another conference.”

Marty Hahn: “Unless the Gators have to beat their opponent so the Dawgs can win the division, or help us go to the four-team playoff, I cannot pull for the Gators under any circumstances, and neither of those reason are remotely close to occurring…”

Robert D. Sharpe: “Florida and the SEC East. We’re going head to head more and more in recruiting with Bama. It wouldn’t hurt to see Bama come down off that perch and let someone else have a chance. Nick Saban probably didn’t share toys as a kid.”

Kebora Weir: “Bama. Their fans (true and fair weather) can afford to talk junk. They win. Florida can’t. Somehow they think they deserve a championship for beating Georgia alone.”

Thomas Wilder: “Alabama. If everything works out Alabama probably will play against Washington will be a very high scoring football game.”

Ethan Rachels: “As hard as it is for me to say it: Roll Tide. Proud to be a Gator hater.”

Patty Street Guinn: “Alabama because I ❤ Julio Jones as a Falcons season ticket holder. Plus, I just cannot bring myself to cheer for the reptiles. Just sayin’.”

Jason Tomlinson: “Alabama in a blowout for recruiting purposes. Whether Alabama wins or loses, they recruit great. If Florida loses big, UGA not hurt in recruiting. Florida wins, we may lose recruits or have recruits flip.”

Brian Davis: “Tide all day. I’ll pull for anyone over the Gators. Florida’s offense is abysmal and Alabama’s defense will terrorize them.”

Jack Runnels: “Alabama. Will never pull for Florida in any situation. Plus Alabama wins and we have another SEC champion playing for a title.”


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