DN90: Adding context to D’Andre Walker’s controversial Jake Fromm comments

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Former UGA linebacker D'Andre Walker spoke about UGA's 2018 quarterback situation in a recent radio interview.

Former Georgia outside linebacker D’Andre Walker generated some attention in a recent interview on the radio station, Atlanta’s Sports X, in which Walker seem to make a comment critical of UGA quarterback Jake Fromm. The full context of what Walker said isn’t nearly as controversial.

Walker, as seen in an Instagram video shared by The Sports X, seemingly questions whether Fromm is a “bad man” — as described by show host and former Georgia Tech quarterback, Joe Hamilton.

The video ends after Walker’s statement and a lot of UGA fans who saw the clip were left wondering whether Walker was unhappy with Fromm, and whether Walker would’ve preferred Justin Fields as starting quarterback.

However, the interview as heard on the radio features a lot more complimentary language from Walker towards Fromm and a good perspective on the challenge Fields faced coming to UGA as a freshman last season.

“They’re both great quarterbacks,” Walker said during the interview. “Fromm did lead us to a national championship, and an SEC championship — which we did win. As for Fields, it’s kind of hard to come in and solidify yourself as a starter. There’s a lot you have to do to prove yourself. Maybe the timing just wasn’t right.”

The longer answer from Walker will probably please most UGA fans that didn’t like the edited video clip. Walker’s words with the Sports X are also similar to what he said in another recent radio interview.

“No, no, never,” Walker said when asked recently on 92.9 The Game whether the competition between Fromm and Fields led to a locker room divide. “If anything, it was the coaches that had the hardest decision to make. Each guy came in every day, and worked hard. They were trying to better the team and better themselves. That’s all that really mattered. They both were amazing guys and players as well.”

That should probably put to rest any questions about Walker’s feelings regarding Fromm, and while it would’ve been nice for the two quarterbacks to find a way to coexist, it’s probably not a surprise that Fields decided to move on to Ohio State — a program where he can be the unquestioned starter.

It’s also fair to say Walker is probably looking forward to moving on with his NFL career and not having to entertain any more questions about UGA’s quarterback situation.

For more on Walker’s comments regarding Fromm and Fields, take a look at the latest DN90 linked at the top of the page.

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