Kirby Smart can count on both Sony Michel (1) and Liberty Bowl MVP Trenton Thompson (78) to bolster the Bulldogs next season.

Fan Zound Off: ‘So much to work on and much room for improvement’

The jubilation over Georgia’s 31-23 victory over TCU in the Liberty Bowl was stunted a bit by the news that WR Isaiah McKenzie will be declaring for the NFL draft. The comeback win, however, also got fans excited about UGA’s prospects for a successful 2017 season.

Here’s a sampling of fan reaction to the news of McKenzie’s departure, Georgia being hyped as a 2017 SEC East favorite and the Liberty Bowl triumph, as taken from the DawgNation Facebook page.

Some posts have been edited for space and clarity.

McKenzie’s decision to leave UGA

Phillip Joiner: So called Georgia fans insulting one of our best players right after a big win? What wrong with you? This is his ultimate dream and he gets to go for it now. Be happy for him and be happy we had 3 great years of exciting plays from him. We wouldn’t have made a bowl game without his plays this year.

Jared Tompkins: Everyone saying (McKenzie’s) small but that’s what everyone said about Randall Cobb coming out of Kentucky. He seems to be doing OK. McKenzie isn’t quite as built as Cobb but I think he’ll be just fine in the slot and taking sweeps and fielding punts. #DGD

Jake Perez: I wish he would have stayed. I mean he was good for us but I think it’ll be tough for him in the NFL. I hope I’m wrong but I think it’s a mistake. Still wish him well and hope he succeeds.

UGA hyped as 2017 SEC East favorite

Beth Collier Beaty And Georgia won when Kirby was wearing a visor! Have to admit I kind of freaked out when I saw that he was a visor. Good job, Dawgs!!!

Jackson Chapman This by far is the most ridiculous thing I have heard lately about UGA. Love the Dawgs but to go ahead and make this prediction without knowing all their commits and de-commits, as well as commits and de-commits for the rest of the East, is just totally unbelevable!

Rebecca Cross Stop. Just stop. I’m all for lifting our Dawgs up and wanting them to be amazing, but the truth be told, it will be Kirby’s second year. There is so much to work on and much room for improvement.

Travis James Calhoun We just beat a 6-7 TCU team. We still have a “new” head coach. A lot of improvements, coaching being the biggest, still need to happen.

Georgia Beating TCU

Richard Marshall A number of Dawgs really stepped it up and kept working hard. Made up for flat performance of others. So glad Chubb and Michel are coming back for one more year. There are a number of players that could have outstanding seasons next year. Eason – you better work hard in the off season!!!

Judith-Terry Davis Too much “on the field” coaching on defense. They weren’t ready on most plays. Let the kids go! Play calling was questionable at best. At least they just ran the ball to close the deal. Eason has to become more accurate or he will be fighting to start mid-season.

Tom Skinner Proud of the way the Dawgs hung in there and competed. Great effort. I cannot emphasize enough how concerning Kirby’s in-game coaching and management are. Way, way too many mistakes with clock management, timeouts for player substitutions, and inappropriate use of officials challenges, just to name a few. UGA can’t afford for him to learn on the job this aspect of coaching.

Chris Collins It was shaky coming out the gate. It got better as the offensive line let the running game get going. Eason played well out of the pistol, not so well under center. Hopefully, Eason gets better also with his touch. Either way, huge win for the Dawgs. It should only help for recruiting.

Tracy Osborne Great game! Really enjoyed seeing the Dawgs back in action. Chubb … you are AMAZING. Sony Michel … you are AMAZING, too! Go Dawgs! And, Congratulations Trent Thompson! Nicely done!

Carlos D. Williams Finally understood Eason, he said he’s not used to a pro-style offense. Well, practice hard, dude. The SEC has no excuses for highly recruited QBs.

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