After Jake Fromm endorsement, will Georgia consider wearing black jerseys for Notre Dame game?

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Georgia fans want to see the Bulldogs wear black jerseys against Notre Dame.

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Georgia football fans, players want black jerseys to return for Notre Dame game

No, Georgia won’t seriously consider wearing black jerseys when it takes on Notre Dame on Sept. 21. And given Kirby Smart’s past comments on the uniforms, it’s not likely they’ll return. Unless you count when recruits wear them on visits or the spring game.

But now it seems like even some of the players have been inquiring about the return of the black jerseys. CBS’ Brad Nessler revealed that quarterback Jake Fromm has asked about the possibility of wearing them against Notre Dame this season.

“Somebody said black jerseys would be nice,” Nessler said in reference to Fromm. “And I said,’You better get on that right now with the coach if you really want to get that through.’ And that someone (Fromm) ‘I might not get another chance to ever wear then.

Nessler himself even called for the black jerseys when he will be calling the Georgia-Notre Dame game.

“I think the only way that it would be made better is that black jerseys would make that night perfect,” Nessler said.

All those sentiments are nice and understandable. I am in favor of Georgia wearing the black jerseys annually. They’re a great look and the uniforms aren’t the reason Georgia lost to Alabama in 2008 —or beat Auburn in 2007.

It’s worth mentioning that Smart was on that Alabama sideline in 2008, and the black jerseys may have actually been a motivating factor for Alabama that day. If Georgia were to wear the black jerseys and possibly lose to Notre Dame, the blowback Smart would dwarf the criticism Richt got following the Alabama loss.

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