Georgia fans ‘Zound Off’ after another disappointing loss to Florida

Every dog has his day, but UGA's day was not Saturday.

DawgNation asked the Bulldogs faithful to “Zound Off” after Saturday’s 24-10 loss to Florida on our Facebook page.

As you can imagine, we received hundreds of responses, many both passionate and informed.

Here’s a sample of some popular ones. They have been edited for space and clarity.

Cory Kustermann: “O-line is extremely soft. Chaney has to be more creative. No screens, one sweep, no crossing routes and no slants. We ran the same plays and were out-matched. WR couldn’t get any separation and the O-line got man-handled. I can’t wait until Kirby gets his recruits. We have truly recruited average recruits over the years.”

Rae Knight: “Well, I would love to say I expected a different outcome from that game, but my expectations for this season died after the Nicholas state game. I have chalked it up as a rebuilding season. I hope we have a great recruiting class, some of these freshman get better over the summer. But right now you have a very young defense, a first year head coach, and a freshman QB with no help at the line or receiver positions. Win, Lose or Tie, I love my Dawgs.”

Brian Davis “That’s about what I expected. I predicted 27-13. Gators have more depth and a lot more talented upperclassmen. Lost to a better team. Can’t do much when the o-line and receivers play so poorly. The line was abysmal. Most of our top players are freshmen and sophomores, so we desperately need a strong 2017 class to improve the talent and depth.”

Dennis Wainwright: “UGA has experienced running backs. A freshman QB. Florida was stopping run at start of game, so UGA goes to only passing. QB Eason (was) pressured and made bad passes. Punter makes bad kicks and was replaced. Why not replace freshman QB and give Florida a different look. UGA tradition is run the ball. Change were rb’s run. Play is same run Chubb between right guard and tackle. Use Sony as a receiver. Chubb runs great off tackle on outside, Sony too. UK will beat UGA if coaching staff does not make changes on offense side of ball. UGA defense play great as time spent on the field. Start a different QB in next game.”

Wally Scruggs: W”e got rid of a coach who couldn’t win “the big game”, now we’ve got one who can’t win the big games, or little games, and no I’m not talking about Florida, I’m talking Vandy.” 

Bill Ray: “I get that the O Line is absolutely dreadful. That’s a personnel problem (and) Kirby’s recruiting will fix that problem. But Chaney should be smart enough to figure out a scheme to get around that problem. Particularly with an extra week to prepare. Chaney needs to go.”

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