Imagining Georgia football players, coaches and rivals as possible Game of Thrones characters

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Georgia football coach Kirby Smart has won back-to-back titles at Georgia.

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Imagining Georgia football in a Game of Thrones universe

The final season of Game of Thrones begins on Sunday. Sadly, the college football season is still months away. But that doesn’t mean we can’t take advantage of and think up how some of those in the Georgia football universe compare to characters in Game of Thrones.

Obviously, not everyone has seen the show. I highly recommend watching it, as it’s the best show of the decade and really great television. But if you don’t want to see it, that’s fine too!

Below, we’ve reimagined some of the players, coaches and rivals in the Georgia football universe as Game of Thrones characters. As a warning, there are spoilers on key plot details. If you’ve haven’t seen all seven seasons, proceed with caution:

Kirby Smart — Daenerys Targaryen

The Georgia head coach could be a number of characters but Targaryen feels like the best fit. They’ve both grown over time to become well-respected rulers. But there have been some missteps, as Daenerys saw her husband and one of her dragons die. Smart meanwhile has seen his team lose close games to Alabama in back-to-back years.

Heading into the final season of the show, Daenerys feels like the best bet to be the one who ends up on the Iron Throne. She’s also been mentioned as “The Prince That Was Promised.”  Smart seems destined to be the coach who leads Georgia to its first national title since 1980.

Jake Fromm — Jon Snow/Aegon Targaryen

Fromm/Snow could also be “The Prince That Was Promised.” He’s led Georgia to a national championship game and has picked up some key victories in battle along the way. Neither Fromm or Snow seek the limelight. They just want what’s best for Georgia football or Westeros.

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D’Andre Swift — Arya Stark

Neither Swift nor Stark are the biggest character in their relative realm but do not underestimate them. Both have emerged as absolute killers. Swift racked up over 1,000 rushing yards last season as he left defenders in his wake. Arya might now be the best warrior in all of Westeros after her training with the Faceless Men. Look for both to play a key role in deciding the upcoming season.

Jacob Eason — Robb Stark

At one point, many believed that both Eason and Stark would lead their respective school/house to glory. But alas, both of their times were cut short. Robb was murdered at the Red Wedding, while Eason transferred to Washington after losing the starting quarterback job to Fromm. However, both of these two characters are largely still beloved by fans of Georgia football and Game of Thrones.

JR Reed — Sansa Stark

From damsel in distress to the Lady of Winterfell, no character has exhibited more growth than Sansa Stark. The same can be said for Reed, who has gone from Tulsa transfer to the unquestioned leader of the Georgia defense. Both will be central figures in the battles to come in both Westeros and the Georgia football season.

Zamir White — Bran Stark

A ton of ability, but both White and Stark have been injured pretty much the entire time we’ve known them. White has had ACL injuries in back-to-back years, while Bran has been paralyzed since the first episode of the show.

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But Bran figures to play a big role in the final season given his abilities to see the past, as well as warg —  control other beings. If White can get and stay healthy, he figures to be the next great running back for Georgia football.

Richard LeCounte — Jorah Mormont

Mormont has been mostly loyal to Daenerys since the beginning. LeCounte was the first player to commit to Georgia after Smart took over the program. Both Mormont and LeCounte have had their ups and downs. But entering the coming season, they’re both still seen as key members of their respective teams.

Nolan Smith — Gendry Baratheon

Smith is the newest addition to the Georgia defense, while Baratheon, the bastard son of King Robert Baratheon, came back to the show in season seven. Smith figures to bolster Georgia’s pass rush this coming season, while Gendry’s skills as a blacksmith could play a key role in manufacturing weapons against The Army of The Dead.

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