Georgia running back Zamir White had a couple of long runs at Georgia's practice.

LOOK: Zamir White, running backs make plays during Georgia football practice

Georgia coach Kirby Smart was less than pleased with the overall effort of the Bulldogs’ first scrimmage of the fall, as the Georgia coach used the word sloppy to describe what he saw.

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“I’m really proud and happy we were able to scrimmage, but just looking at the scrimmage as a whole— we have a long way to go,” Smart said. We looked like a team that didn’t go through spring practice. We looked like a team that is young at a lot of positions.

“We were really sloppy, to be honest with you.”

Much of the attention was focused on the quarterback play, as Jamie Newman and JT Daniels battled it out for the starting spot. But there was a position that did seem to have some success, as Smart revealed that running backs Zamir White and James Cook both had long runs.

Though he was quick to point out it was more the fault of the defense rather than the excellence of White and Cook.

“There were several long runs,” Smart said. James [Cook] and Zamir [White] both had long runs, mostly against the second-team defense, but the defensive guy made a mistake. The guy misfit it, so it wasn’t like they went out there and broke 18 tackles.

“They went untouched for 50 or 60 yards.”

Smart added that overall the first offense had success against the second-team defense and the first-team defense did well against the second-team defense.

While there hasn’t yet been any video to emerge of either of White or Cook’s long run, a number of photos of the Georgia running backs did get the released following photos of the Georgia running backs from a previous practice. Fellow running backs Kenny McIntosh and Daijun Edwards were also featured.

Georgia running back Zamir White runs past safety Major Burns at practice(Tony Walsh/UGAAA)
Georgia running back Zamir White is looking to be Georgia’s lead running back. (Tony Walsh/UGAAA)
Georgia running back Zamir White is a redshirt sophomore (Tony Walsh/UGAAA)
Zamir White ran for 408 yards last season for Georgia. (Tony Walsh/UGAAA)
Georgia running back Kenny McIntosh will look to have a big season (Tony Walsh/UGAAA)
Freshman running back Daijun Edwards runs through an open hole at practice. (Tony Walsh/UGAAA)

White spoke recently about how he needed to step-up this year and taken on a bigger role as Georgia’s lead running back.

“I have to carry on that tradition,” White said. “I got to be the next guy up to keep that going. I just have to keep on working hard and follow my teammates and make sure the next guys up are prepared.

“I got to be that leader and just step up and just be that guy now.”

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Working behind D’Andre Swift a season-ago, White ran for 408 yards on 78 carries. Cook, McIntosh, Kendall Milton and Daijun Edwards will also look to help lead the Georgia ground game this season.

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