ATHENS — The run to the national championship has indeed become a financial boon to the staff of football coach Kirby Smart, whose 10 on-field assistant coaches will earn a combined total of nearly $2 million more than last year.

The highlights on the new salary pool for the 10 assistants, which is $6.42 million, up from $4.56 million:

  • Defensive coordinator Mel Tucker has received a raise to $1.5 million, up from $900,000 last year. Georgia’s defense was one of the best in the country last season.
  • Assistant coach James Coley, expected to move from receivers coach to another position, has been bumped to $850,000 from $450,000 last year. Coley turned down a job offer from Texas A&M to become offensive coordinator.
  • Offensive line coach Sam Pittman will now earn $825,000 after earning $660,000 last year. 
  • Offensive coordinator Jim Chaney received a $100,000 raise, and will now earn $950,000.

Strength and conditioning coordinator Scott Sinclair also received a significant bump, and will now earn $450,000. Sinclair earned $300,000 last year.

Here is the outlay for the 2018 staff, and what it earned in 2017:

2018 staff: $6.42 million

Mel Tucker, $1,500,000 Jim Chaney, $950,000 James Coley, $850,000 Sam Pittman, $825,000 Dell McGee, $550,000 Tray Scott, $420,000 Cortez Hankton, $375,000 Glenn Schumann, $325,000 Dan Lanning, $325,000 Scott Fountain, $300,000

2017 staff: $4.56 million

Mel Tucker, $900,000 Jim Chaney, $850,000 Sam Pittman, $660,000 James Coley, $450,000 Tray Scott, $400,000 Kevin Sherrer, $375,000 Dell McGee, $350,000 Shane Beamer, $300,000 Glenn Schumann, $275,000

Smart is expected to receive a substantial increase from his $3.75 million base salary, but that has not been announced yet.

New roles and titles on the staff could also be in order, but were not announced.

Georgia’s salary rule compares favorably with the staffs of two other powerhouse programs, which have also announced their assistant coach salaries for 2018.

The salary pool for Ohio State’s assistant coaches is now $7.06 million, with raises this offseason that totaled $3.4 million. So it nearly doubled, helped by the addition of the 10th assistant coach, Alex Grinch, who received $800,000 to leave Washington State for Ohio State.

Eight of Ohio State’s 10 assistants are earning at least $500,000.

The salary pool for Clemson’s assistant coaches is now $6.58 million, with raises this offseason of just under $1 million. Four of Clemson’s assistant coaches are earning at least $500,000.