Good Day, UGA: The obligatory AC/DC reference edition

Matt Stafford donned the black jersey three times over the course of his UGA career.

Good day, UGA. Welcome to your one-stop shop for all the relevant UGA football news and takes every Monday through Friday. In today’s edition, we discuss all things black jersey. Hit the music!

‘It’s the blackout, ‘rari got the back out’

Kirby Smart handed down the official word on this weekend’s uniform situation on Tuesday: The Bulldogs will, indeed, wear black jerseys for the first time in eight years. Smart obviously thinks the talk of the jerseys is a load of guff. Get a load of how Smart confirmed so to the media Tuesday, via Seth Emerson of Dawg Nation:

Reporter: “I know you love black jersey questions.”

Smart: “Last question.”

Reporter: “What’s the deal. Are you all definitely using them?”

Smart (turning to Felton): “Is this the last question?”

Felton: “Yes.”

Smart (turning back to reporter): “Yes.”

And he walked off.

I guess that is that then. I don’t know why, but ever since Greg McGarity announced in August that Georgia would break out the black at some point this year, there seems to have been a concerted effort to say, “These aren’t a big deal.” For one, there are Smart’s dismissive comments about the jerseys over and over again. For another, why are they wearing these for the first time in almost a decade against Louisiana-Lafayette … at noon.

I can think of a few reasons to wear them for the first time on Saturday. First, Smart is generally just a grumpy dude who doesn’t want to talk about anything other than the game (which he barely wants to talk about). “IT’S CALLED FOOTBALL, NOT DRESSBALL.” Second, in 2008, the last time Georgia wore them, the Bulldogs were crushed by Alabama. That took away a lot of the mystique that built up around them from the Auburn and Sugar Bowl wins in 2007. For the superstitious among us, which I am to a degree, bringing them back and losing again would ruin them forever. You might as well burn them and bury the ashes in Oconee Hill Cemetery because lots of folks will never want to see them again. And who wants that?

The only thing I don’t get is wearing them in a noon game. Part of the fun of the black jerseys to begin with was that Georgia only wore them at night. There was synergy there. The black jerseys. The black of night. The black mass of fans. The blackouts those fans experienced after tailgating from dawn ’til dusk. There was a nice synergy there. I’m afraid something about them will be lost in the light of day.

They still look sharp, though

No matter day or night, though, those jerseys look good. I’ll admit to some bias, but I think they are among the best alternate uniforms in college football, especially when compared to some of the alternates I’ve seen around the country this season. Get a load of these eyesores:


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