Greyson Lambert expected to remain Georgia’s starter

Greyson Lambert has started Georgia's first five games.

ATHENS — At first, Mark Richt didn’t want to say much about Georgia’s quarterback situation on his standard Sunday teleconference. By the end, however, it sounded like Richt didn’t want the question to linger.

Asked if he would be willing to hold a quarterback competition at this point in the season, or pick a guy and prepare him during the week, Richt made clear what seemed apparent on Saturday night: Greyson Lambert is still the starter.

“We’re not gonna do that,” Richt said of holding a competition during the week. “Right now it’s going to be Lambert. It’s going to be Lambert.”

Lambert, the starter for Georgia’s first five games, struggled in Saturday’s loss to Alabama and was replaced by Brice Ramsey near halftime. But Ramsey struggled even more, throwing two interceptions in six attempts, and Lambert re-entered the game. Lambert finished the game 10-for-24 for 86 yards, throwing an interception with 58 seconds left in the game. It was his first interception of the season.

Richt said watching film of the debacle “didn’t tell me a whole lot more” than what he saw from the sideline. The quarterbacks missed receivers, there were dropped balls, and there were protection issues on some plays.

“We haven’t gotten into all that yet,” said Richt. “We’re still watching tape, and got a little staff meeting here in a minute. We’ll get into all that kinda stuff. But we haven’t really talked about it.”

“When you have a game where a quarterback hits 24 out of 25 or whatever the heck it is, a lot of good things have to happen, like I’ve been saying all along,” Richt said, alluding to Lambert’s NCAA record performance against South Carolina two weeks ago. “Protection, route running, ball catching, and accurate throws. We had some protection issues. We had some drop issues. We had some accuracy issues. It wasn’t the best conditions (to) throw and catch for anybody. But again Alabama caused a lot of those problems, and we’ve gotta react better to those.”

Ramsey’s chance to jump back into the quarterback role he was the favorite to win in the preseason may have come and gone on Saturday night. The coaches put him in the game seeking to jump-start the offense, but it had the opposite effect.

Asked about Ramsey’s two interceptions, Richt indicated one was definitely his fault for throwing the ball, while the other was a “miscommunication on what he thought the receiver was going to do.”

“You’ve gotta cut the ball loose with the faith of a certain route being run a certain way, and that was one of the issues,” Richt said. “The other one, I think he’d have been better off going to a check-down on that particular one.”

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