Kirby Smart bore the ire of many Georgia fans who shared their thoughts on the DawgNation Facebook page after Georgia's 28-27 loss Saturday.

‘I thought we were gonna have ourselves a Nick Saban … more like another Ray Goff’

Georgia fans were full of emotion – much of it directed toward coach Kirby Smart – after the Bulldogs fell to Georgia Tech 28-27 Saturday in Athens.

The Bulldogs blew a 13-point lead as Tech scored the game-tying touchdown with 30 seconds to play and subsequently won it on the extra point. The game-winning drive was set up by a Jacob Eason interception. His final pass of the game was also picked off.

We asked fans for their thoughts on the DawgNation Facebook page. Some of the responses here have been edited for content, space and clarity.

Chad Seigler: “I thought we were gonna have ourselves a Nick Saban … more like another Ray Goff.”

Michael Walker: “To all you Kirby people that think he will win, there will be a new coach in a year or two. Take your blinders off. This is the worse coaching job possibly in UGA history. He can’t get it done. He has more than proven that over 12 games. Blame it on whatever you wish but it was coaching plain and simple.”

Morgan Kemp: “Kirby, will you resign? Or are we stuck with you for four more years until you are fired. Why can’t Georgia get a decent coach? I am so tired of the Belk Bowl. Or the Outback Bowl. Heck, we are lucky to even be in a bowl this year.”

Sterling Graham: “0-1 against Vandy and Georgia Tech at home. Plus that horrible loss to Tennessee at home. I don’t think it’s too much to ask to defend a Hail Mary, beat Vandy and Tech. Unrealistic expectations my butt. Good game to our kids they played their hearts out.”

Chad Fowler: “Enough is enough, was garbage ball all year. Offensive coordinator Jim Chaney can’t coach an offense to save his life. Kirby do something, or you can go to. Les Miles is available.”

Richard Lee Jackson: “I wonder if any of the people complaining about Jacob Eason ever played quarterback behind a crappy O-line, with one good receiver and a terrible offensive coordinator for a major SEC football program as a freshman? Probably not.”

Mitchell Pendergrass: “The team this year looks the worst any Georgia team has looked in years. Zero heart and zero desire to win for this coaching staff.”

James Kellett: “Whomever called the 2nd-and-8 pass needs to be fired! Not tomorrow, but in the locker room. Lived all day by running the ball and only passing in times of need. Them with less than 4 minutes left, Georgia takes a timeout to stop the clock, and that’s the best play they could come up with?”

Robert Durham: “The problem with Kirby Smart is he is obsessed with playing not to lose instead of playing to win, He plays scared and the team feeds off of it. They sense it, and play with no confidence.”

Jay Sullivan: “The missed field goal and the late turnover was huge. Kirby will be fine. At least he has some fire! You mediocre fans need to go away.”

Apaul Louis Blanco: “Did Kirby or the other coaches drop passes, miss open receivers, turn the ball over or blow coverage? They made adjustments and had the team in position to win the game. The players did not make plays when they needed to.”

Lucas Phillips: “Let Kirby have a chance to get the players he wants. Then see what happens before you judge him.”

Ansley Knopf: “It’s a team, so it’s a team loss. Eason’s interception was a turning point. Defense wins games though, and we fell asleep. Hopefully we improve for next year.”

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