Jacksonville Landing approved for demolition, likely before Georgia-Florida game

It would be cool if the City of Jacksonville waited until the Monday after the Georgia-Florida game to blow up the Landing

For the yearly Georgia-Florida game, probably the No. 1 thing for Bulldogs fans to do is to stay near the areas of St. Simons Island or Jekyll Island.

Another favorite past-time of fans is – or was — to hang out after the game at the Jacksonville Landing. It’s a festival marketplace in downtown Jacksonville that opened in 1987.

It looks like it’s time to say farewell to the Jacksonville Landing.

On Tuesday night, the Jacksonville City Council voted 15-1 on Tuesday to approve an $18-million deal that sets the stage for the city to demolish the Landing, per news4jax.com’s Jim Piggott.

Council members valued the Landing as a “downtown landmark,” but more called it a “failed venture after early success in the late 1980s,” per the website.

Will the Landing exist for the 2019 Georgia-Florida game? There’s a chance, with mayor’s office estimating that it will be obliterated within “four to six months.”

What will go in its place? No one knows yet.

What’s your favorite memory at the Landing? Please post below.

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